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December 01, 2013


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To be fair, not all Christians are this far on the lunatic fringe.

The Adam's sin passed down + Jesus redemption thing = not a lick of sense to me either.


Clearly a form letter that if arrived in written form was simply copied by hand.

You cannot be a wicked Christian. As the Apostle Paul said in Romans 7:17 "As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me." (Anyone just think about Catholic priests? Or Ted Haggard? Or Billy Graham and his life of antisemitism?)

Be smart: rape, kill, pillage, (when's the last time you saw that word), lie, steal, beat up old ladies and take their purses. Live your life totally for yourself, hurting as many other people as possible, especially little children. And then, just before you die, accept Jesus into your heart and BAMMO! You've got eternal life in heaven with JC and the arch angels.

"May God enlighten and bless you."
- I think I'll keep my life filled with freedom, peace, and ease. I think I'll continue to use my mental capacity to it's optimum ability. I think I'll continue to live a life of integrity and honesty. I think I'll continue to take full ownership and responsibility for my own morality - never blaming my morality on someone else or some God.

I know people who have been enlighten and blessed by God. I don't want to be like those people.


PS: I had two folks ring my door bell recently. They asked me if I had thought about the meaning of life and how God plays a roll in my life.

I said, very nicely, that I did not appreciate them ringing my door bell to try and sell me things.

They insisted that they were not selling me anything.

I said, "If we can't agree on why you are standing on my front porch, we certainly will never be able to agree on anything of significance."

I then mentioned that I was a nice guy, and I would trust that they were nice people, and how about we say "Good bye and have a nice day." We did.

Adam's sin is passed down just like DNA. You are only responsible for your own sin. Few deny they are sinners. The question is, "what human cannot sin?" As you mentioned, we all have our own sin. I might have DNA that leads me to struggle with alcohol but I have the choice to drink or not to drink. As a sinner, I cannot choose not to sin. This is the curse of sin. Maybe I can resit it or others this time, but throughout my life (I could argue "my day")I, and everyone else, will sin over and over again. Sin against people in our lives and sin against God. We can't get away from it because it is in our very core and nature. What we have trouble understanding is why shedding of blood is required for forgiveness of sin. If we were in another part of the world or in the past, we might have a better idea but in our current culture this seems so foreign to us, gross, excessive, you name it. This is a fascinating area to study for me since I'm an intellectual. For centuries, God required his followers to sacrifice animals and when the blood spilled out, there was forgiveness. But only for a time. He told them to look forward to a time when there would be permanent forgiveness. This was Jesus. He was God & Man (flesh born of a woman like we are)but he never sinned like we do. Not even one time. Because of this, His blood was perfect (unlike animal blood)and paid the sin debt forever, eliminating animal sacrifice. Hope this explains a little about Adam & where our sin comes from. Oh, and thanks for help killing our yellow jackets ;-)

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