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December 31, 2013


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Hi Brian,

I just hope we're all pleasantly surprised to discover when we die that "soul" is real and we have another shot at life--after all that is what you believed for about 30 years.

DJ, hey, I hope that too. Would indeed be a pleasant surprise. Not one I'm counting on, though. It also would be unpleasant to get a glimpse of the non-existent void after life, and think "Damn, no more living; I should have lived more vibrantly without religion while I was alive."

I wonder what neuroscience would say about this man's ability to interact with wild animals - "the lion whisperer". Why is this so rare? Are we so programmed with fear and negative passions that we don't have this love for wild animals which is so powerful that it changes their behaviour toward us. This is a kind of 'vibrant' lifestyle I admire so much.


A brain generating consciousness is an absurd idea. Where is the proof? Where is the scientific evidence?

The evidence is the fact that your brain just wrote the words that you shared in your comment. Aren't you conscious of what you just did?

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