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November 03, 2013


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A nice piece Brian, poetic and what for me describes the spiritual.

Good luck with the chatter.

Apparently, humans, need myth/story-- our brain (if you will) craves these. These unscientific dialogues include the ones we tell ourselves ongoingly -- internal tales, myths, memories, stories and conversations. We love fiction...TV, movies, even music and art arise from need of fiction.

Here is some grist for the mill. It somehow is pertinent, though at the moment I am too insanely busy to articulate how. Anyhooo the Psychology Today article/editorial is applicable to Guru as Businessman also -- and societal dissolving of traditional myth/story for modern anemic ones.


Following my comment on "Good luck with the chatter". A more constructive suggestion from Neuroscientist E. Paul Zehr writes in Psychology Today an article on "Stop Thinking So Much".

god is imaginary because the bible a fiction book made up by humans

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