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November 19, 2013


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How does a subjective being observe an objective world objectively?

How do you know that this world will continue after you die? You've seen someone die and the world has continued for you, but that is not the same thing. Did the world cease to exist for the person who died? How could you know? How can you speak about the subjective experience of someone else?

Change your beliefs about evolution and global warming and the 'verified knowledge' becomes 'verified garbage'. And it will appear just as verifiable as the computer you are looking at as you read this.

You wrote "A meaningful life is founded on this: realizing how subjective me and objective world relate." The vast majority of people never even think to look inside themselves, much less go looking.

Thank you for the post.


Nice post.

One point though: The whole climate change meme is the effect of extreme propaganda at world wide level.
Thousands of scientists deny to obey the dogma of the greenhouse phenomenon.

Do your homework, search a bit before you post new world order dogma, Sir.

About gurus and dogmas and spiritual dictators: Do you think that by neutralizing gurus and religions, will you get be able to get rid of the upcoming complete enslavement of all humanity by the means of world wide zionistic dictatorship that is coming?

Do you want proof? I can provide.

Gurus are relatively harmless in the case human evolution and spiritual development in contrast to the elite who control money, markets, politics and mass media.

Although I cannot deny that they play a role in the enslavent of mankind.

History repeats itself.

Did the world cease to exist for the person who died? How could you know? How can you speak about the subjective experience of someone else?

What is "the person"? I am the person I imagine myself to be, and the person others imagine me to be. Even when captured on film or video, my personality is perceived differently by the viewer, and only by agreement can two or more people decide what kind of person I am.

A person exists only in your mind. It has no existence apart from your consciousness. It may seem to you that it can survive death and carry on in some other dimension, but it is only your memory and image of the deceased carrying on in your mind.

Pythagoras, I hope you're joking.

Obviously climate change/global warming is real, and there is no worldwide Zionist conspiracy (just Jewish religious zealots in Israel and elsewhere, which every religion in addition to Judaism has).

Thanks for the jokes. Unless they weren't jokes. In which case I urge you to seem treatment for your Reality Denial Disorder.

Reality Denial Disorder

Even when we've quit denying mortality, we're still practicing some degree of reality denial because to carry on with our meaningless lives, we must either embrace some belief or get creative.

Crazy conspiracy theorists and fierce believers are extreme versions of reasonable people who know, at some level, that they're just improvising and adapting.

Hi cc are you saying we don't exsist after we die I beg to differ One thing IV always known in my life of illusion, confusion and doubts Is that we are eternal beings Nothing can die.It only transmutes. As a matter of fact for me only(I don't want to impose my beliefs) I am closer to my loved ones that have passed on as I pray for the dead.Reincarnation makes no sense to me anymore I believe in Purgatory

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