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November 01, 2013


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Mr.sukhbir SINGH such a question hasnt born to which baba ji can't answer... So firstly check out your mental level or consult a psychiatrist... Then talk, and don't post these kind of Bullshit blogs...which hurts the sentiments of baba ji's followers...

You all met me alone okay I Will remember
Gave me your address you fool I gave you all answer

Hi, can you answer them? boney and sid? Why he come to the same family every time? Usually that's indicative of a family business. Look at the sikh gurus and the family tree. After #5 they made an empire.

Such a question hasn’t born to which Babaji can't answer…

Even Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh has given answers to all these questions:

“True Masters do not come in this world for mental gymnastics, that is not their purpose of coming in this world. They come to set us free from this world and take us back to the Lord.
We should not give any importance and confuse ourselves in these questions, rather we should try to seek their teachings and follow the path with faith in the Master and always try to visualize the face of Master within and do the Simran(Repetition of five holy names). That is the purpose of our lives.

Sukhbir singh ji
why not answered questions of Nisha Punjabi....it seems you have so much of time to waste on things that you have to say but cannot logically answer the question or may be you are not able to face the increasing popularity of gurvinder singh dhillon.
If you can not digest someone's popularity go and try to create for yourself....
oooops!!!! i forgot you can't do that at all.

Nisha Arora,

No matter how much of your billionaire life savings you give to this fake idiot guru that he robs from you and throws you on to the street when he is done with you and you lose not just your dignity and material advantages but your soul has been raped by this fraud guru idiot, it will never compensate for your premature public text disclosure you have written here depicting your absolute prostitute stupidity.

Thanks for the laugh. :)

@ Osho
It appears that you gave an official Radha Soami Satsang that got you banned -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G7jTT8Nak8 (“Radha Soami Satsang June 2002 - Osho Robbins - Part 2”)
And you also say –
“FYI: I was initiated by Thakar singh (kirpal's line) and Darshan Singh.”

1) Did you give an official Radha Soami Satsang?
2) If so, Why were you giving official Radha Soami Satsang? Are you an initiate of the Radha Soami Organization?
3) It appears that you were an initiate of Thakar and Darshan and not of the Radha Soami Masters. If so, why were you giving official Radha Soami Satsang? Why did the Radha Soami Satsang allow you to give an official Satsang? Are the Satsangs open to anyone?
4) Why did you give the Satsang if you are not part of that Organization? Do you think it runs into ethical issues?

Apologies, if I missed something.

Lot of questions from an anonymous person for "Osho" to answer?

I know him personally, so can confirm yes, he was an "official" RSSB speaker, here in the UK, at least on a few occassions.

Secondly, you write "It appears that you were an initiate of Thakar and Darshan and not of the Radha Soami Masters".

Sorry, this is an incorrect statement. Both Thakar and Darshan are "Radha Soami Masters", just not of Radhasoami Satsang BEAS - they are both "Radhasoami Masters" of the Kirpal lineages/offshoots.

"Osho" is also an intiate of Charan (or Gurinder), so is a multiple initiate then. Always best to keep you bases covered. This week, I'll be mainly following Jehovah's Witnesses.......

Hi Manjit,

I find your comments interesting as well as challenging. You do find the time every now and then to pop in here on this blog.

Do you have any suggestions on how to disentangle emotionally from RSSB. I feel like I have lost something very comforting and supportive now that I no longer believe in Sant Mat. Now I have nothing, no faith, just emptiness, which maybe is a good thing. Just a process I suppose.

Just a follow on from my comment yesterday (thanks Brian for your patience). Just watching now a youtube interview "The ultimate non-dual teaching with Jim Newman - Simply This" and am understanding more this transition that I am making now... maybe not even understanding than more of a feeling that this is it. Over and out. Thanks Brian.

A lot of people just want hope in their lives - reading the above has made me think that I aint missing much from not attending Satsang.

What are you people hoping to achieve- if the Path is a con or not. Who cares. In end there is no nobody who is going to save us in this life- let alone after what ever happens after death.

I used to call for God in my troubled times but dont anymore- just let it be for your own sanities.

Vijay, if the path is a con, then unfortunately the monthly money "seva" isn't going into people's holy account ;)

And what about 10 Gurus. Most of the Girus in lineage of 10 gurus were alsmost related to each other father and son?

Any question u wanna ask from 10 Patshahis

Radha soami to U and Babaji bless All

"'Also, note that Akbar donated a small piece of land for Golden temple, not Golden temple itself. "
It was not his (akbar's) land to donate.

It's cool how random comments sometimes resuscitate old threads. Like this one. This is one post, and set of comments, that I don't think I've ever read. And it was cool to come across, in the comments, a link to this "satsang" delivered by our own Osho Robbins, apparently that very talk that got him banned/sacked from lecturing again at RSSB meets. (Where's he at, I wonder? Don't see him around here, of late.)

Haven't the time just now, but I've bookmarked this thread, and look forward to listening to that (in)famous speech of his later on.

Thanks, Venkat, for opening up this old ancient thread with your comment!

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