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November 23, 2013


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"When I've felt happiest and most productive, I wasn't trying to be anything other that what I was: simply me, doing whatever seemed worth doing at the moment. Detachment and attachment? Irrelevant."

Swinging post, Brian. Very congenial. I like it much. That's also my style of looking at life. That's why the Sant Mat-path was not for me (although I have to admit that it fascinated me in the beginning --- maybe because it takes away the fear of death). As I said before, I sticked with that group only for one year or so. I ever felt that there were too many regulations and restrictions there - an anathema to me. There are enough rules and laws to abide by in secular life (... and counting).

Buddhism, and all religions, start with the belief/contention that there is something wrong: with me, you, everyone, this world. Advertising does the same thing: you have a PROBLEM and this pill, car, purse, hair plug, enema, etc., will cure the PROBLEM. Many parts of the scientific community, such as the medical field, are on this guilt inducing and money making band wagon also.

"When I've felt happiest and most productive, I wasn't trying to be anything other that what I was: simply me, doing whatever seemed worth doing at the moment. Detachment and attachment? Irrelevant."

Yes. I use the phrase, "I am perfectly imperfect." I can and do, on occasion, choose to change and improve things about myself and my life. But oh, what a wonderful sense of freedom, peace, and ease I find in knowing that I am starting from a place of acceptance, and place of OKness, and I am making a choice, not following a dictate; that I am a volunteer to the task at hand, not a victim.


If free will is illusion, considering whether it is better to be or not to be attached is only an academic exercise because we are bound and determined by genetics and conditioning to do what we do, in spite of what we think we can or should do.

We think we are free because we can think about doing things differently, but such thoughts may only be the tip of the unconscious iceberg that is drifting with currents and conditions it can do nothing about.

There is no one attached to detachment like an RS satsangee.


There is no one attached to detachment like an RS satsangee.

Very well said. Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe by "attached" you mean "love to talk about or preach but not practice".

Probably, it's because their guru (GSD) has led them by example at least on this front.

I think the big idea with detachment was that any attachment to the physical realm would prevent one making inward and upward spiritual progress, which is why devotees often try (and fail) to lessen their attachments. Ironically enough, even Baba Sawan Singh Ji said detachment was impossible without attachment to something higher, although his consolation was that once a person is attached to the Inner Shabd then all worldly attachments will naturally fall away as the soul will have found something far more enjoyable than anything it has ever known before.

Kirpal Singh left millions to Darshan
Singh. Kirpal, an accountant, whom had nothing when he started.

Sawan left millions to Jagat, whom
passed them on to Charan. Now Gurinder
is a billionaire.

Summa Ching Hai, a successor
to Kirpal, via Thakar Singh,, made
a billion dollars from her own
shoe strings up, with his exact
philosophy, from orientals.

It takes no inventory to become a
Guru, no initial public stock offering.

The Guru begins with bullcrap and
ends up getting money thrown at him.

It all depends on how convincing you

If you can convince anyone you can save
their souls, they will give you everything
they own.

L. Ron Hubbard was a fiction novelest.
He decided the fastest way to make
money was via non profit religious status.

He literally created his own religion out
of thin air and made millions.

Only sociopaths have the nerve to do this.

Religion is a world full of sociopaths
and mentally ill ... whom confort humanity
from its fear of death.

Religion is death.

Compassion is life.

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