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October 26, 2013


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The older you get, the less anxious you are about death, and the younger you are, the more frightening the prospect. The only honest way to face death is to have nothing to live for.

Death is a loaded gun pointed at your head. You go through life with closed eyes, feeling the gun and thinking about the end...then you find yourself facing death with open eyes.

If you survive, death is the last thing on your mind.

It doesn’t seem that beliefs in an afterlife and such like will disappear soon, even if the illusion of consciousness may soon be understood. I can’t see that such fundamental ideas will be affected much by science for a very long time. Although the theory (fact) of evolution has been around for 150 years many educated people still reject it in favour of religious beliefs.

I am mindful of those young men and women, often well educated, who martyr themselves – and are apparently quite happy to do it? The reason given is that they are conditioned to believe in an afterlife for themselves and their families. Their belief systems, their ideas and concepts of who they are, are saturated with scriptures and cultures of the just cause’ – along with souls and heavens. There is so much fear and guilt woven into their thinking it’s hard for them to escape such ideologies.

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