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October 20, 2013


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In Sant Mat
the Guru does all this for you, just
to prepare for the real thing

I have never done more than sitting
and listening

The real lazy man's way to enlightenment

Some find that humiliating ; almost not doing a thing
But then one can try Tai Chi first

(Wish these characters to confirm a comm
were easier to read
Pl make a version for the elderly)

"If a chain isn't firmly fixed to something, it can't be yanked. If a button isn't tightly wired to an apparatus, it won't have any effect when pushed".

"Immediately relaxing, softening, letting go of tension -- that helps a lot. Most disturbing happenings in life don't require an "all hands on deck" reaction. A driver who cuts me off. A comment that offends me. A news story that irks me".

A lot of sense in this blog. I understand it from the perspective of identity - how we construct a ‘self’ structure. Apparently we invest or attach to anything that maintains the ego/self. A sense of self is necessary for day-to-day living and survival but where this creates divisions in ourselves or in the world at large it can be the cause of many conflicts.

Religion is one attachment that comes to mind and also nationalism. Perhaps many of the concepts we identify with separate us from life whether it is a particular mind position of being right or believing we are superior to other people and creatures.

And, as the above quotes indicate, where we are aware of our attachments and further, can see the process that forms them. Or, "When the shen is gathered the mind becomes clear." Who knows, perhaps that is the only true enlightenment.

My teacher told me to feel the acu-point(s) expand and relax like a chunk of clay on a warm surface. This activates the channels of vitality and lets the energy flow as directed by the mind. Proper motion follows.

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