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October 04, 2013


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No need to give up the good feelings a false belief brings. Keep the feelings. Give up considering the belief is true.

It feels good to believe when it feels bad to be uncertain, so the better you feel about uncertainty, the less you need to believe.

"so the better you feel"

---This need to be better probably involves some minimal belief. Belief doesn't need to always be bad. Uncertainty and certainty are nice dualistic words.

Hi, Sant Mat philosophy is all about experimental verification. They may say to take the initial premise on faith but afterwards you're urged to test the hypothesis yourself.

Second point about "feeling good" and the Truth. Presumably, the whole point about knowing the Truth is so that you can use it to feel good. One's algorithm is:

1. Know the Truth.
2. Use the truth to feel good.

Feeling good is what people have been trying to do since time began. Unfortunately, the tools of the physical realm to feel good only yield temporary results and often lead to feeling bad as a consequence. Which is where Sant Mat philosophy steps in to save the day. Which is nice. :)

"Feeling good is what people have been trying to do since time began."

---Nothing wrong with people wanting to have a 'feeling good' since time began. Time probably began with the need of the mind. The Truth, or relative truth is a factor in feeling good, I could agree. I'm hoping that there is a relative truth that can assist in some way through good and bad feelings.

"Sant Mat philosophy is all about experimental verification."

---Experimental verification is still a relative truth, may be and may be not. Is it possible that a group accepted 'experimental verification' could one day be proven false? Is there falsifability in the Sant Mat experimental verification process?

If I can prove a Sant Mat experimental verification is false, will I experience a bad feeling? This just could happen.

Just Bob:

And what, do tell, is the individual's Sant Mat meditation experience(s)* suppose to verify anyhow? God The Father Almighty? An individual's immortal soul? Heaven? whaaaa??? If I dream of God, does that prove God?

And what if say, for example, said meditation person gets knocked on the head or has a stroke, or Alzheimer's -- consequently forgetting most of their life, including all those cool meditation experiences, and their guru? At the end of the day, it would appear, memory/brain/biology rules. There are reasons to believe otherwise, but they all come under the heading of "Religion" which is really glorified superstition.

*IF they HAVE any, even after many years of meditation.

Uncertainty and certainty are nice dualistic words.

All words are dualistic.

I just bought your book on plotinus last night. After reading this post I cancelled the order this morning. How sad of a man you are--more annoying than an atheist and more obnoxious than a liberal.

Christopher, sounds like you did the right thing. Plotinus is for open-minded people. If you're already convinced that you have all the answers about reality, and aren't interested in other people's views, you wouldn't have enjoyed a book about a marvelously open-minded Neoplatonist Greek philosopher.

For example, you would have learned that in Plotinus' school/academy, open discussion and debate was encouraged, not discouraged. Even if a student disagreed with what Plotinus taught. You, on the other hand, appear to subscribe to the "I'll only consider what I already believe" school of philosophizing.

Otherwise known as fundamentalism.

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