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October 28, 2013


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From my perspective it seems kind of strange that, here in the United States at least, leading politicians have to file annual financial statements regarding their income, net wealth, investments, and so on.

It's absolutely the same even in India and applies not only to politicians but also to religious leaders or "gurus". So, I am sure, GSD must also be filling all those documents. But, given the widespread corruption in everyday life, in general, and in the corporate sector in particular, it is very easy for many rich people to have undeclared assets worth millions or even billions. In fact, these undeclared assets are also used in various business transactions to make them grow even further. "Benami" is the technical term used for this sort of transactions.

The word "benami" comes from hindi language meaning "without name". Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word as: made, held, done or transacted in the name of (another person) - used in Hindu law to designate a transaction, contract, or property that is made or held under a name that is fictitious or is that of a third party who holds as ostensible owner for the principal or beneficial owner.

It's but obvious that the benami transactions help the rich politicians, businessmen and the gurus to become more rich while technically doing everything legally.

Surprised his two sons exited their stake in Religare last year?

Since the earnings from the shares were declining, the sons might well have exited Religare when the share prices had been high and then invested in more attractive options. This would serve two purposes for them (and for their father), namely coming clean on impropriety charges and at the same time ensuring continuous growth of their wealth ...... just guessing.

"However, Gurinder Singh has devoted himself to making his family one of the richest in India..."

C'mon Brian, be fair, where's the proof for this. How does anyone know how involved GSD is in these transactions. Don't forget not all of his family members are satsangis and its their business anyway, nothing to do with anyone else.

Yep, a lot of guessing going on.

Just my 2 cents worth... I'm not going to argue the point... whatever!

just me, there's plenty of evidence that RSSB is heavily involved in the management of Religare and other enterprises. Do you really think this comment on the Economic Times story was made up by someone?
ardarajan (London) Replies To Iyer
7 Days ago

Shivinder and Malvinder are only a front for Radha Soami sect. Radha Soami has all control and call the shots. Since they are a religious sect and can't openly come to business, they are using these brothers as a front for running their business deals. The head of Radha Soami is Shivinder's younger uncle (mama). Since the younger uncle was made head, the elder got enraged. To placate him, a lucrative job was offered to him in group company.

There's a real possibilty Summa Ching Hai
is richer than Gurinder.

(She donated $500,000 to Al Gore
in just one campaign)

Religare was a private limited company till August 11, 2006 i.e. run by parteners.

Gurpreet, Gurinder's son became a partener on June 2,2006 and Gurkeerat, the other son on July 13,2006.

They bought partenership for Rs. 12.5 crores.

On October 29, 2007 Religare went public and issued IPOs and shares worth Rs.10 were estimated to be fixed at a price between Rs. 165 to Rs. 180.

In 2008 Singh Brothers sold Ranbaxy.

Malvinder was aged 36 and Shivinder 33 then.

Later all Shares of Religare Were Doubled in Number and value halved.

Today, Religare public shares worth around Rs. 324 each.

1. www.sebi.gov.in/dp/reldraft.pdf
...cover page, Pg. 25, Pg. 74, (Please see content list and see matter in detail.)

2. www.moneycontrol.com/news/ipo-issues-open/religare-enterprises-fixes-issue-price-at-rs-185sh_311604.html

3. www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/from-ranbaxy-to-daiichi-sankyo-the-start-to-scrap-story_880180.html


5. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religare

I am not sure, the shares held before public issue of IPOs will rise in values same as public shares

list of web pages in above comment is the list of sources of the comment matter.

I am very upset with what you have posted about my master.You are hurting many followers with what you are writing if you cant say good dont say bad either.Please stop this you have no idea what rubbish you are publishing on this page. My master is a true living master who is saving us i am deeply hurt please remove your senseless notes.Why are you saying these things you go to see him and are taking out negitive things about him. You are asleep but i suppose the master is so loving he is forgiving u anyway.Please take a deep and long think into what you are publishing which is mere crap.

plus.google.com/1060... etc

Nobody has hurt anyone. Everyone on this site is simply writing their opinions - which they are entitled to. You don't have to agree with them.
When you write "my master is a true living master" - that is just your opinion and your belief. Just as a christian believes Jesus died on the cross to save humanity.

You are entitled to believe that your master is a real master. Equally others are entitled to believe he is not. However - the real point is this:

If you are a true disciple - you would not just believe this - but would prove it for yourself. Once you have proof - other people's opinions make no difference to you. The fact that you are upset means that you only have a belief. Your own master says - verify the truth for yourself. Sant mat is not meant to be a path of blind following. It is means to be something you can prove for yoursslf. My question to you is, why have you not been able to prove it? and do you know anyone who has attained to Sach Khand?
The truth is - Radha Soami has become another religion. All the disciples have is blind belief and the struggle to meditate. They spend their whole life meditating and nobody arrives.

If you think that anyone arrives, how come nobody says it? Everyone thinks that others are getting there and they just keep on following - until the day they die.

Many of the followers have long given up, and are just passing time doing seva, being a secretary etc.

Gurinder is so secretive, he makes ninja's quiver in the dark.

" They spend their whole life meditating and nobody arrives. "

A dog never arrives when it chases its tail.
But, it is making great progress going nowhere.

When a seeker initially comes across sant mat - it seems like a great idea:
1. Get initiated.
2. Meditate.
3. Leave the body.
4. Transcend death - by discovering you are a SOUL and do not die and have a life independent of the body.
5. Meet the master within - become good friends with him as he personally escorts you through the inner regions in his Radiant Form.
6. Become all knowing and all powerful as you become a 'saint' and arrive at Sach Khand.
7. Become immortal and reside in Sach Khand forever.
8. Spend the rest of your life here on earth guiding other souls on the path to Sach Khand.

Once you believe this is possible (which you do if you attend satsangs, read the books and listen to the stories of others who have achieved this), you are pretty much hooked.

You will now do whatever it takes to get initiated and become a disciple.

You know it's going to be hard work and involve lots of meditation - but you are sure you will succeed - with the grace of the master.

So you get initiated. The meditation is tough because you are just sitting there - repeating the five holy names and nothing is happening. years go by. Decades go by. You eventually accept that it's not going to happen - but by now you are a believer.

So you decide to do seva instead. Become a speaker, or a secretary, or a treasurer. The other satsangis have become part of your social circle and your friends.

You are 100% convinced that this path is the truth and the real way to God. You can logically see it makes total sense.

If you personally have failed to make progress - it's because you have failed to live up to the high standards demanded by the masters. You know you need to work on yourself. But at lease you know the master will come and save you at the time of death.

This becomes the fall-back position. This is every disciple's insurance policy.

When a broker offers you life insurance - you laugh in his face and tell him he is selling death insurance and that you already have the best life insurance policy in the universe.

The disciple has this feeling of superiority and it is unavoidable because he knows he is part of the chosen few in this world.

What the disciple cannot see is that all religions are the same. The muslim believes he is special because he is a believer. The christian believes the same.

The reason the sant mat follower believes so strongly is because the books and satsangs explain that the only path is through a living master and there have been past masters but they cannot help you now. It makes perfect sense, and that is the point.

Once you believe this is the only real path - there is no way you can ever leave. After all, where will you go? All other religions are false.

So the satsangi has a hard time with these churchless folk. All they can see is that these unfortunate people have had no results in meditation and have now turned their back on the master. They consider this to be 'really bad' because the master is God's representative on earth.

Just because they personally have no results doesn't matter because they KNOW they are on the RIGHT path.

This is the disciple's BELIEF and all beliefs appear to be the absolute truth - they are not considered opinions - but TRUTH. That is why the disciple cannot avoid being dogmatic.

Humans are very good at taking a belief and making it appear to be the truth.

The person who does not believe in God does exactly the same. He takes a belief and makes it appear to be the truth.

An honest person can only say "I don't know"
he is neither a believer nor a dis-believer.

He takes no sides because all sides are beliefs.

In religious beliefs - you never get 100% proof. The attraction of sant mat is that you can do the 'experiment' and get to Sach Khand. If you arrive - you can finally say "I KNOW" rather than "I believe"

Of course there is still the question of delusion. Perhaps you are just deluded and have not arrived anywhere. Or maybe you get a mental shift and realise the journey is not literal and that Sach Khand is not a place so nobody arrives.

There will never be any objective proof. If someone claims to be enlightened, it is personal to them. They cannot hand it on a plate for someone else to examine. And when you can't define exactly what it is - it becomes even more impossible to prove to others.

Anything subjective is, by it's very nature, impossible to prove objectively.

There is the domain of "Objective things" and the domain of "subjective things".

If you draw each of them as a circle - they will be separate circles - with no overlap.

They are separate worlds and cannot meet. Neither is any more real than the other.

They are different. Some people give greater credence to the objective and some to the subjective. When you are dying - the objective becomes irrelevant and the subjective becomes all important.

Any 'spiritual' journey is subjective and this is why the objective person will necessarily doubt and ask for proof. Proof cannot be given.

When a radha soami follower leaves 'the path' it simply means he has changed his focus from subjective to objective. Objectively speaking - sant mat appears to be nonsense. However to the believer it makes perfect sense because he is not concerned with the objective world.

" it's because you have failed
to live up to the high standards demanded by the masters."

That is the Houdini trick.

The master NEVER says you don't need to do anything, as I am all powerful.

He in essense says, I have no
power to help you. You must lift
yourself by your own bootstraps.

When will these masters get off their lazy asses and lift the disciple ?

What are these idiot masters doing in Sach Kand ? Are they out playing golf ?

(The next comment should not be read by
women and children)

The disciple should say, " You mother fucking asshole scam artist. Take your
scam and shove it up your ass. May you
rot in hell and we will be lined up around the block to piss on your grave."

Osho, great summary of the "guru game." Nicely said.

I agree with Brian regarding Osho's comment above. If I were a true believer RS satsangi, reading Osho's words would leave me feeling just a wee tad nervous. I have never seen the subject explained any better.

I also appreciate Mike William's zany but often insightful comments on this blog.

If it is all in the master's hands and he is obligated to ultimately deliver my soul to Sach Khand as the teachings clearly say, why should I do anything?

It's like being a baptized Christian. Once initiated by the true living master of the time, the soul is guaranteed deliverance to Sach Khand (Heaven). Why meditate? I think I'll go surfing instead. Oh, sure, I may have an extra lifetime or two to live because of this, but in the face of eternity, that's nothing. Besides, I like surfing and would like some more lifetimes to do it before being condemned to Sach Khand which is not known as a great surf spot.

Objectively speaking - sant mat appears to be nonsense. However to the believer it makes perfect sense because he is not concerned with the objective world.

Objectively speaking, anyone "not concerned with the objective world" is delusional.

I don't like the tone of the recent comments. It is ok to question the validity of the gurus but to insult their beleivers is jusy ugly. How dare anyone destroy anothers faith.! This is like the Spanish Inquistion... I disasotiate myself from it.

June, faith destroys faith. If someone has facts, reality, and evidence on their side, they can't be destroyed.

But when faith is as weak as a thin balloon, a few pinpricks of skeptical questioning pops the false belief.

Brian surely you of all people should know that being an intiate is not so much about a belief system but an experience subjective or not..Some of us (and I include myself in this group) are standing on the verge of taking that Giant Leap. It can either lead to madness or to truth. It is not a flippant matter to be taken lightly. We must tread softly over peoples lives less we destroy "Their Dreams"

Brian is correct, but I sympathize with June's sentiments. I considered sending Osho's comment above to a couple of satsangis I know. However, I don't know if I want to rattle their cage. It is serious business messing with someone's foundational faith. Here, on this forum, I think it is OK because analysis and criticism of faith is what goes on here and the people who come here do so of their own volition.

Thank you Tuscan, you give me some perspective...Are you off fighting another windmill or are you surfing?

I really like the comments on this subjects; especially Osho's.
June; I can empathise with you. From my personal experience; standing on the edge; waiting to take the giant leap caused me great anxiety. Plummeting down can be anxious too. Just make sure you have a parachute handy; this site is a good parachute. You seem like a sincere person and You will not be condemned for sharing your views on here. Peace.
Regarding Sant Mat; Narcissistic Personality Disorder comes to mind when I think about the core beliefs of Sant Mat. The satsangi's are so eager for their Master's approval. If he offers them a grain of sand; they feel as though they have built a sand castle. Leaving RSSB was like a wave of truth. Looking back; I was a fool to try to build a castle out of sand.
I'm not saying Gurinder is a Narcissist through and through; he may have adopted traits that have been passed down through his family ties etc. Nonetheless; the benevolence on offer may seem unconditional at first but as one submerges deeper into the subject of RSSB; one comes to realise that the protective hand of Master comes at a price; a psychological price which incorporates guilt; the inability to think independently, and the need to feel special by attaining the Master's grace.

Some of us (and I include myself in this group) are standing on the verge of taking that Giant Leap. It can either lead to madness or to truth. It is not a flippant matter to be taken lightly. We must tread softly over peoples lives less we destroy "Their Dreams"

June, you chose faith over reason a long time ago and it was no "leap" or anything as dramatic as you describe.

I just wonder why, instead of congregating with like-minded folks, you come to Church of the Churchless where your faithful toes will likely be stepped on.

Actually I don't surf anymore, though I did for many years, hence the reference to it in my comment. No waves where I live now. Not sure what you mean by "windmills" but I am no longer on the treadmill of formal spiritual practice or religious belief. However, I am not an atheist either.

Tucson so sorry I misspelt your name. I'm dyslecsic and I tend to invert things. ..Thanks 9th Gate for your encouraging words. Osho's comment is excelant... cc You have no idea what it means to be a satsangi. Its not anything you can ever begin to imagine even with all your lodgic. I come here because I have no where else to go. Universe led me here. When I am truly no longer welcome Or The Day is Past I'll leave.

Tucson sometime ago you said something very endearing I cant remember when but I go through most of the bloggers randomly to try and get a feel what they are like and I made a comment that you reminded me of one of my favourite characters Cervantes Don Qxuiote. If you have not heard of him he was the bravest of knights, on a quest for truth but he went around fighting windmills. He was a great hero. I thought maybe you saw it. I did mean it as a compliment. Hope you not offended.

"a psychological price which incorporates guilt; the inability to think independently, and the need to feel special by attaining the Master's grace"

Not necessarily so. Everyone sees the world and other people through their own perception. Not everyone pays this so called "psychological price" or feels guilt and is unable to think independently. You are simply projecting onto others what you yourself have experienced and we are not all the same.

People who are disillusioned with the path come here to complain about their frustrations and to criticise and I admit I do this as well. Really what we are criticising is our very own inability to see our own faults and failings and we see these as a reflection of ourself in others. What we see in others including the Master is purely a reflection of who we are.

Our real adversary is the mind. The predator which has given us its own mind. We can think independently but we can also so easily be misled.

No offence taken regarding the spelling of my blog name or the windmill reference. Of course I have heard of the famous Don Quixote story but I do not know it. I am not a literary person. I'm more of a bonehead, ex-surfer-stoner jock originally from coastal Southern California. I also lived near Ashland, Oregon famous for its Shakespeare Festival. In the 13 years I lived there I did not attend one Shakespeare play. I know Shakespeare is considered brilliant, but his stuff bores me to unprecedented heights. But yes, I am always "fighting" the windmills (illusions) created by my own mind.

Of course I have heard of the famous Don Quixote story but I do not know it.

No need to remain ignorant, Tucson...


Thanks cc. I can see why
Quixote is considered a classic. However, I still remain ignorant...about most things. I know a little about the original topic of this thread...now lost.

Tucson the Don if often considered to a fool as he loved chivalry so much, but he was wise beyond words. To really understand the complete saga one needs to understand the auther Cervantes. He was hiding from the Inquistion and had to write in code. The character must be viewed from many different angles some crits even see him as a Zen monk in medieval drag as on his death bed he realizes "His inn is just an inn not a castle" no need to read the book. You live the life.

cc may I quote William Shakespere for You....... Yet herein will I imitate the Sun....That doth allow its base contagious clouds To cover up its beauty from the earth....So that when if decides to be itself once more ....It may be more marvelled at.... I sometimes a get a ray from you. Henry1V... Please excuse spelling errors and poetic license.

“I don't like the tone of the recent comments. It is ok to question the validity of the gurus but to insult their beleivers is jusy ugly. How dare anyone destroy anothers faith.! This is like the Spanish Inquistion... I disasotiate myself from it.” - June
I agree, there is no need to insult anyone. Some people have very strong opinions – both believers and non-believers. Because they think they are RIGHT, they defend their position as if they are defending the truth or fighting a war. Each side is out to destroy the opposite viewpoint. It IS a war. However, the faith of the believer cannot be destroyed unless it was already faltering. Faith has to be destroyed because it is blind. It is based on a belief. There is a story of a man who is frantically searching all his pockets for his train ticket while the ticket inspector is waiting for him to find it. Finally a fellow passenger points out, “sir, you have searched all your pockets numerous times, but you have not looked in your shirt pocket.” To which the man replies “and I am never going to look in that pocket – because if it is not there – then I am doomed.”
The man of faith cannot open both eyes – because he will have to ask questions he does not want to. He wants to remain in a state of belief. He does not want to question because then he becomes a doubter. And a doubter is not considered a good person among the faithful.
Everyone is on their own journey through life – seeking answers and trying to make sense of it. Sant mat offers some answers and the answers are very appealing to the seeker at first glance. Some of the people on this blog were at one time ardent followers of sant mat. It made sense to them and they wanted to believe it because sant mat paints such a romantic picture of the spiritual journey. Who can blame the seeker for falling for it?
Many of the followers have already left, even though they are there in body. They have given up, and are just there for entertainment. They are passing time as sevadars, speakers and secretaries. The three S’s. Most of the followers know they will never get to sach khand and are just hoping for some grace from the master. They are only followers by default because they don’t know where else to go or what else there is to do. They don’t have any real faith any more. They have just stopped thinking rationally and simply follow the herd.
After all, if you are convinced that the whole purpose of human life is to obey the master and through his grace and your meditation, leave the body and traverse inner regions, then what else can you do with your life? All other doors are closed because everything else is a waste of human life.
The followers of sant mat cannot face life without it. Their life is empty and meaningless without their faith in the master. If they have any doubts they have to deny them, because to face them is unbearable. That is why the disciples defend their faith so strongly. They are defending out of desperation. They cannot face the possibility that their view of life could be wrong. I know this because I was once there. It was my greatest fear that one day I might leave sant mat. I felt at the time it would be a mistake – the greatest mistake. Why? Because of my assumption that the purpose of human life is to make spiritual progress and reach Sach Khand. All else is pointless.

I am sorry and I have a confession to make..I was reacting only to Mike Williams comment. To be fair he warned...Not to be read by woman and children...But fools rush in where angels fear to tred...I was just protecting those I love.... I have had to total die to self to get where he was coming from.....There is Big Shit happening in the heavenlys...We had better all wake up soon and start finding out more about "That something Else"...."No names. No Pack Drill"

You are absolutely right Osho . This is a War. We are under attact from forces we can't even begin to comprehend.

The Financial Express
Religious sect leader Gurinder Singh, Radha Soami Satsang Beas accused of cheating
Aneesha Mathur | New Delhi | Updated: Jan 08 2014, 10:01 IST
The religious body does not maintain accounts or lists of donation, proceeds
from sale of books, pictures etc.

A complaint filed before a city court in December alleges that

the Radha Soami Satsang Beas, a religious body, does not maintain
accounts or lists of donations, or proceeds from sale of books,
pictures of saints and other material sold to devotees.

Satvir Singh (61), in his plea has alleged that the Radha Soami
Satsang Beas did not provide any receipts or proof of donations
to devotees, and had amassed a lot of wealth. The court of
Metropolitan Magistrate Purva Sareen has directed the police to
file an Action Taken Report in the complaint by January 15.

Accusing the head of Radha Soami Satsang Beas — Gurinder Singh
Dhillon — of cheating, fraud and breach of trust, Singh has sought
registration of an FIR under IPC Sections 420 and 406 .


Observer:- I think you have a point. I am projecting but perhaps not in the way you have observed (although; with time I may realise that your observation was more congruent to the truth than mine).
I am the child of a Narcissistic Parent and I find that on a subconscious level I sought out friendships/relationships with Narcissists to attain the validation I could not from my father. Granted; there may be a Narcissist in me too; just not the type that would permit people to worship me as God and rely on my every word. Surely the Master understands the heavy burden of wearing the crown and a part of him must like playing the part of a false prophet. He could very easily tell it like it is (that he is not the real McCoy)...but he won't. He has too much to lose and a part of him must like the thought that people consider him to be God. That's just my observation.

Mike Hi, all this talk about how rich Gurinder is....so what.! So are the TBN charismatic preachers (whom I dislike) At least they do some good in the world. What the gurus do is far worse. My late husband Andries Van Der Westhuizen used to say "He does not want your money. He wants your Soul. He is leading you on a (Dwaar Spoor) meaning a misleading trail." What I Lost on this path was "My Original Intention" My first love...I want it back...He can have all the money in the world. I don't care. When I know with absolute certainty that he deliberately mislead me I to will curse on his grave. I just can,t believe in such cruelty..I don't want to.

Hi June,
Like I have told people. I never found God
on my journey. Only Lucifer and Something Else were found.

At what exact point does impersonal thought
........... personalize itself ?

When this is answered, the riddle of Ramana
Maharshi is solved.

It is only when you commune with nature
.....that you become nature.

When I was young, I used to go with Jiddu
(Jiddo) Krishnamurti for walks in the forest
in complete silence.

This is what he listened to....


Can you learn Compassion......
......... from a book ?

Or, do you learn it ... amoungt the
animals in the forest ?

In complete silence.

Whom is a bird singing to ....
when there is no one listening ?

Something Else

Quote Mike

Can you learn Compassion...... ......... from a book ?

Moon: You can find It among the most cruel people , because they show you what not to be like.
Mike? I am sending you my love to your prescious Heart, bless my Friend, Moon

June they have fucked with your mind. Every time I meet Satsangi's I start to doubt, I tell these Satsangi's things I absolutely have faith that they are true yet they let me talk as if I'm deceiving them. There is no way around this. I am true to myself and if one day I would feel the power of Gurinder I would be back but that never happened. I am not saying that there has not been some power in RSSB in the past and still they might have a hit now and than. It is the blind leading the cripple. Still if you manage to have faith in RSSB and find the shabd taking any shape possible even the guru's you might get some experience but ask yourself why is it so important to have that experience? There is much more to learn here by example to learn to love a person or more people that is a much more important lesson. Or to do whatever is your personal mission in life that no guru knows or cares about. But they have told you that you need to escape by closing your eyes and hypnotising your mind. By not listening to any critics. They want to hold you in a dream state where you not really perceive reality. And the world is mean, the world is bad and they told you you need them. Crap! throw it away.

Hi Mike very true what you say. My cat learned me some love. The cat walked way and I was searching for a month. Than the cat came back almost dead and I now know what love can be like. Still negative powers made the cat walk astray but positive things came from it.

Another thing I learned. The guru and RSSB gave us safety and gave us a place and a person to put our trust in. In we deconstruct that with our will and mind we will be on a dangerous quest. I mean this has to be done delicate. I think....I will have to learn to put my trust into a place into myself where my love is coming from and than no guru, no method and no teacher. The only teacher I would need than would be someone that has realised things himself and there will be many teachers of cause. A teacher that has to cut his flesh, know it sounds cruel, to get rid of cancer does not know the basics of life. That is without a doubt.

Hi gentle Moongoes and Nietzsche,

Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say, "You are your own Guru."

His attacks on gurus and preachers and religion were
scathing. Despite this fact, the Gurus would fall at his
feet behind closed doors.

Why ?

Because they believe the jnani's logic is beyound comprehension.

The jnani can rip the lungs out of the throat of the Guru
at will.

I wish to apologize for the remark I made Re. I to will curse on his grave..Most dreaful mistake. I do not curse. I repent of it.

Cursing only hits back on yourself. Use the mirror don't blame others for what happened, it happened so you could learn. Just bless Baba Ji. After ripping his throat... :) No ;)

"Just bless Baba Ji"

Bless you Babji Ji.... and may
we be lined up along the bank
of the Ganges to piss on your ashes.

I wonder if Baba Ji was invited to the premier screening for "The Lone Wolf of Wall Street".

Our War is not against Flesh and Blood, but against Powers and Principalitys, in High Places.. Ephesians/

This is really an exceptional insightfull thread on the church! I've read some of the postings by the regulars and I must say almost everything rings true to me. The way Osho pictures the life of a satsangi, is just spot on. I've seen it and so did he and we all.

Hmmm 'The Baba Ji of Wall Street' filling his pockets before he leaves the church as the floor gets to hot :)

Hi gentle Moongoes and Nietzsche,

Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say, "You are your own Guru."

His attacks on gurus and preachers and religion were
scathing. Despite this fact, the Gurus would fall at his
feet behind closed doors.

Why ?

Because they believe the jnani's logic is beyound comprehension.

The jnani can rip the lungs out of the throat of the Guru
at will.


The 47-48 week cycle bottom in gold is the key driver.
It dominates gold. Last time it hit, it was met with the
major cycle top just two weeks later.

But, this next time, the week before the Fed meeting in
March, or the exact week of the Fed meeting, gold will
bottom. I can see all the cycles behind this point and
there are no top cycles for a long time.

I expect a 1982 Deja Vu move up from this point, no matter
the price of gold at that time. In 1982 gold moved up about
80% off its bottom. (No, gold did not go flat for the
next 20 years.) In 1985 gold again went up about 80%.

Real estate looks good for many years even as rates increase.

Why ?

Baby boomers are retiring at a remarkable rate and taking
lump sum pay outs of 401k's and pensions. Any decent house
in Los Angeles gets at least one all cash offer.

This money is smart money and they will see gold low again
and start buying.

A ratio of 80% housing to 20% of .999 gold will be the key
to the future safety of this generation.

In hyperinflation, mortgages are easily paid off with cheap
money. Your deed is recored at the recorders office with
title insurance.

You are off the electronic grid with gold and real estate.

Mike I think you are right. People went into gold because stock was very insecure. Now stock looks better and they might go back.

Also when people start to buy again there wil be a lot of inflation. Real estate is top but here in Europe the banks are doing very difficult to give loans away so the prises are dropping all the time.

Hey any rich cats out there with extra 50000€
to give to me moongoes but with no limit of giving them back..but if in the future i earn them I will. I calculated that this would give me really great life.tnx.moon
P.s. Like a donation or better musical support so I could totally commit to my instrument

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