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September 13, 2013


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I agree completely!

Why do "scientists" have such a problem with "religionists"(if that's a word), and vice-versa?

It has everything to do with the one "fact" that is not taught but is inevitably recognized: you are going to die. Homo sapiens is the only species that knows this. The degree to which this bothers an individual will determine their response to that which they can do nothing about.

The "fact" that the Earth is billions of years old, and that Life evolved over those billions of years, is knowledge that cannot be put to practical use.

The "belief" that Life was created by an autonomous being we named "God" will not alter the basic "fact" that you will die.

It does not matter which faction may be right or wrong, or neither. You are still going to die, and to the conscious homo sapiens, this is totally unacceptable. Too bad. Just sweep the fact under the rug and try to rationalize the looming realization that Life has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. You don't "believe" that, do you?

Oh those crazy Texans - a lot of them think that they could actually secede from the Union if the required amount of votes are registered. And they are going to Heaven when they die, too. Yup. Nice, clear conservative thinking, for sure.

Any form of programmed education is actually indoctrination, no matter how you slice it. Telling kids that they are descended from apes rather than being specially created by a loving God is still indoctrination.

The "belief" that Life was created by an autonomous being we named "God" will not alter the basic "fact" that you will die.

True, but it does alter the consciousness of the believer, enabling him or her to die without facing the fact of death, and that's why "scientists have such a problem with religionists".

Despite the fact that scientists have empirical proof in the form of data that tends to justify their assertions about the origins of human beings and even the universe itself, they fail to demonstrate that it would be much better for society as a whole if religionists would abandon their absurd beliefs. Maybe scientists are just jealous of the way religionists can appear to just dismiss the facts in favor of beliefs. The outcome of life for all individuals is always the same whether an individual is invested in facts or beliefs: the Reaper is coming to get ya, and everyone that you love, too. You cannot say that scientific facts will allow an individual to better cope with mortality.

I can, however, see a point in attempting to counter some religionist's militant stance against the propagation of scientific facts. The truth about life has a somewhat canny way of making itself evident despite facts or beliefs.

You cannot say that scientific facts will allow an individual to better cope with mortality.

If to "cope with mortality" means believing in posthumous existence in some other form or dimension, the least we can do is to quit giving these idiots tax-exempt status.

Yes, we all know that we all will eventually die, but that does not mean that life has no meaning. In fact, the knowledge that we have only limited time on earth should encourage us NOT to worry about death (over which we don't have much control anyway) but to spend that time meaningfully (and we do have some control over that).

Just completed reading an interesting article in the current issue of "Time" magazine. Felt like sharing some excerpts .....

- How To Live Long -
Comedian George Burns celebrated his 95th birthday by signing a two-year contract to perform in Las Vegas. After Burns inked the deal, he told the hotel manager who'd negotiated it, "If you're still alive around at the end of two years, we'll talk again." (I paraphrased here the original just a little bit)

"It may be no coincidence that so many creative types have long lives. New findings show how doing what you love can add years."

".......... it's not just the luck of living a long life that allows some people to leave behind such robust bodies of work but that the act of doing creative work is what helps add those extra years. And that's something that can be available to everybody."

"Not all intellectual functions are preserved with age, but as processing power declines, the brain can compensate in ways that actually enhance creativity."

"The key is finding work that calls on you to remain nimble, adaptive, even visionary, to invent ideas and solve problems on the fly rather than just responding to the same questions with the same answers again and again."

"As people facing deadlines often lament, work tends to expand to fill the time you have to do it. Now, science suggests, time just might expand to contain the work with which you choose to fill it."

Read the full story at (you do need subscription though):

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