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September 04, 2013


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Why does nondualitynetwork.com provide an effective and (entertaining) explanation of why there's no such thing as non-duality? Is this how one goes about being non-dualistic? That is, if I can effectively argue that I don't exist, I can believe it.

non-duality is a dualistic term. So, why do you need to argue that you don't exist?
You can exist and believe such.

Oneness and twoness could have some sort of existence. Making a big deal of it, could be fanatical, and then not.

that said, could I meet with a nonduality fanatic? We could talk about stuff.

" It is about the rather obvious fact that this requires a that. And light requires dark. And self requires non-self. And life requires death. And so on and so on and so on."

---none of the mentioned requirements are absolutely true.

[Willie R, sorry for the delay in publishing this comment. It went into the Typepad spam folder, where I just found it. Maybe it was your last paragraph that made the spam filter think this was an ad.]

Nonduality, as a mode of expression, is an attempt to convey the clearly unequivocal "nature" of whatever it is that is finally "real" via equivocation. (sic!)

It is obvious to most of us that everything that exists is simultaneous.

I live in New Jersey. To the west of New Jersey is Pennsylvania. The Delaware River notwithstanding, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are physically contiguous. They are "advaita" - not-two in Reality. The division defining the two states is entirely mental. Let's leave the definition of what "mental" is alone for now.

Quantum physics seems to legitimize the intuitive "hunch" that all of physical reality is ultimately contiguous. Space and time do not actually effect (not affect) real distinctions, but are merely intrinsic facets of a reality that is seamless and complete. (That is a mental opinion, but the ostensible distinction between "mental" and "physical" is not settled)

I would argue that nonduality does not describe a "oneness", but rather a "zeroness". Numerically, the number 1 is already a distinction between something and nothing.

In any case, nonduality and $1.89, together, will buy you a 16 ounce hot or cold beverage at the convenience store.
That's reality, no matter what you call it!

Using perceptions as a base for making positive concepts is the origin of ignorance.

See. I did just that. I must be ignorant.

Realizing that there is nothing to perceive is liberation.

There. I've done it again. Breaking these old habits is tough.

Nothing matters.

It really doesn't, but we are compelled to live as if something does matter even when it doesn't.

As Don Juan said (I'm paraphrasing big time here).. "Nothing matters so I live my life as controlled folly, knowing that nothing matters but acting as if it did. You can choose any path. You can do any thing. Or do nothing at all. I choose to follow a path with heart, that has meaning to me, even though it doesn't matter. That is my controlled folly."

Now don't get all depressed, folks, about nothing mattering. Go ahead and live and enjoy life, at least when it is enjoyable. And don't worry about it. It doesn't matter.

great pink panther video with Watts voice over.

Non duality guy from first video reminds me of the man tAo from this forum or at least he had many of many of his exact sentences but i dont have the time to copy them here.


Good message. No-thing does and doesn't matter.

I liked,

"I choose to follow a path with heart, that has meaning to me, even though it doesn't matter. That is my controlled folly."

"non duality guy"

---Could someone introduce me to a non-duality gal? I live in Las Vegas, a sex friendly city.

[Willie R. as noted on the "screed," there was a third possibility: Typepad spam folder. Hey, I'd never reject your comments, especially since you have the good sense to call them screeds. Screeds can't be rejected -- too entertaining.]

Blogger Brian - did my screed get rejected or did it vaporize before receipt? If rejected, please reject this inquiry as well.

HOW can you be sitting listening to Alan Watts on your ipod in a waiting room...and be bored????!! WTF

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