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September 23, 2013


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Hi Brian. Very happy with Graziano's view of consciousness. The quote from Graziano says it all:- "The universe is conscious in the same sense that it is beautiful. It is conscious because brains attribute consciousness to it, and that is the only way that anything is ever conscious".

Very similar to how I feel about it and expressed it in my own notes years ago:- "It is (human) nature that compels us to seek out answers and to make sense of the world, and it is obvious that the process yields many benefits. It is simply that life – the universe – does not ask for or need our answers. Questioning (thought and conceptualising) is a phenomenon that the universe has arrived at- enter us! If we believe we have been brought to this point for the purpose of answering life’s questions, then that is our vanity. Life does not have any questions - that is a peculiarity of the human mind".

Not bad but to say that the universe has a consciousness is like saying that the universe is a god. If this consciousness led to the creation of the universe it would be considered intelligent design.

It's reasonable to say that beauty is in the eye of the conscious beholder, but to say that consciousness itself is only in the eye of the conscious beholder creates quite a chicken and egg problem: who observed the first consciousness into existence?

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