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August 11, 2013


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Your way - I did some wiki irritate

In France we have this obligation
that when insulting someone in the press
anywhere the owner of the medium must give
sufficient place to the guy offended

I think you have sufficiently done that

A technical thing here on the Babani case where is suggested Gurinder to be a thief

The nephew or son wrote that the appartment had increased in value 70 times in say ( was not clear) 20 years

That is the proof that this property was lend out for a symbolic amount

Just do the calculation on your own house

Have a gooed time_space guys & gurls

I would have liked to end with a line from Guru Granth , but you can wipe it
if it's irritating to you

"On seeing my Guru, the plume of my headgear shivers "


God bless you! ;-)

Why bother telling believers and nuts to quit commenting, Brian, when you can quit publishing their comments?

On seeing my Guru, the plume of my headgear shivers--

FYI He is coming to Malaga on 14.8.13 at 4.00pm.

You say:
"The nephew or son wrote that the appartment had increased in value 70 times in say ( was not clear) 20 years

That is the proof that this property was lend out for a symbolic amount

Just do the calculation on your own house"

Calculation on the value of Brian's house is irrelevant here because Brian lives in the United States where the demand-supply equation for housing is just the opposite of that in India.

There isn't any chance of the property having been given at a "symbolic amount". The reason being that during the last 20-25 years, the house prices have indeed literally doubled every four years or even faster in most major cities of India. Bombay or Mumbai, as it is called nowadays, is certainly top ranked among those cities.

I can give you my own example: I bought an apartment in New Delhi in 1991 for INR 105,000 and today, after 22 years, it's market value is well over INR 5,500,000 (52.38 times!!).

So, I don't think there is any "technical" error in the facts presented in the relevant post.

Nobody minds you hanging out and commenting at this blog

Speak for yourself, tAo. I find 777's drivel annoying and irrelevant, and I don't see why Brian posts it when he has control over which comments are published and which one's aren't.

Nothing wrong with hanging around and an occasional irrelevant babble. However, daily babble is rather annoying.

why is an alcoholic coming to a place where people don't drink a lot?

Because drunks rant and rave and ramble and ignore each other. Here, their drunken drivel gets published, granting it the attention it can't get from other inebriates.

If the responses of believers must be published, they should be labeled as religious testimony rather than "comments".


Brian--Good for you!!-People,and their religiosity can be a pain in the you-know-what.Since--like you re RS-I'vee "been there" and "done that",so my opinion has some legitimacy--and a learning experience is what it is all about-;^))).......v152

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