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August 09, 2013


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THIS is scientism is your enemy: you are terribly psychologically distressed because of the insane system that is not just fucking over your personal life for various reasons, but is seriously fuking with the very natural world that ALL species need to live.
You only have option of going to your doc who apparently is trained in medical SCIENCE, you say "doc I cannot cope" he and/or the shrink he may refer you to proclaim via 'SCIENCE' you are a biochemical machine that needs their medical intervention in the forms of drugs (they also use ECT/electrocution). However, it is pseudoscience. But because people are BLINDED BY science because everything is ticked if it is 'scientific' they buy this myth. And serious damage can be done to body and soul and spirit because of this ignore-ance. And IS done.

Religion is easily dismissed as a self serving control system, but likewise, so long as science is the whore of business and government, science cannot be respected. For science sells itself short and betrays the the people it ought to serve.

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