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August 14, 2013


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Whatever the facts are with regard to the so-called "near death experience", some people who have had them undergo a change of attitude (not necessarily for the better) which persists until they finally encounter the actual death experience they failed to realize the first time.

A lot of us are quite smug about the conclusions we have drawn when we contemplate the inevitability of our personal demise. I know I am - but that's because I happen to be correct. So there.

There cannot be an experience of what we actually perceive as the cessation of the physiological processes that constitute aliveness, because aliveness is experience. There is no entity that endures the experience of aliveness. If there was, then that entity would have to also experience deadness, which is an absolute contradiction. 'taint nobody home, McGee.

All bodies eventually cease to function. Once a body ceases to function entirely, there is no longer experience. However, there is no longer an absence of experience, either. There is no entity that once was not, then was, then was not.

Ob-la-de, ob-la-da, life goes on.

This could explain the phenomenon:


Does that mean life experiences are a product of a living brain?

Perhaps it is simply the brain processing a great influx of information, due to the expansion of consciousness at the moment of release.

I don't go along with any exlanation as we can explain all & everything, but that doesn't mean the explanation is necessarily correct.

We used to explain that the world was flat, then that chaged to the world is round, but obviously the world is neither flat nor round. Those explanations are incomplete. The world is a rough sphere.

To understand the cause and the effect are very much the point of life. Is the brain the cause or the effect?

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