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August 03, 2013


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Spontaneity alone is non-volitional -- and there is no I.

Not true. To say "I does not exist" is like telling someone to their face that they're imagining you as you speak.

"I" is real...it just isn't what it purports to be. When you see this, you stop pretending you can know anything without it.

Hmmmm....so where is the "I" that knows the "I" is real and is not what it purports to be?
And does that "I" do the purporting?

It does not matter how you slice it up intellectually: There is no separate entity (including an alleged supernatural being) that is disconnected and entirely unaffected by whatever Reality is as a thing in itself. You can pretty much believe whatever you want to believe about it - it will not make a whit of difference.

" To say "I does not exist" is like telling someone to their face that they're imagining you as you speak."

---"I" or you or me has existence. Non-things and things have existence. The conceptualized "someone" can look into another persons face and speak. The nonconceptualized non-someone may not need to engage in speaking or intellectualizing. Maybe and maybe not.

The nonconceptualized non-someone probably doesn't concern it's non-self about what is supposedly real and purported to be.

Update: today I will be out in front of the Mirage, for some very nice girl watching.

he draws me in with a feeling of There's something he's trying to say that is really interesting and important, but the truth of it is beyond the saying.

Ah i feel that too, but so far, I've not been able to look past the obscurities of his texts.

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