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August 29, 2013


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Hi Brian no comments on this blog. I usually go for the RS stuff I'm becoming more Ecumincal (grin) I like the topic I can relate to it although Keats is not one of my favourites. You enquired sometime ago about Madalaines On wings of Love. Yes she is still around. Is considered to be the Mira Bai of the satsanga. still gives satsang. Not my cup tea.

"I'm becoming more Ecumincal"

"Ecumenical" - dictionary: "representing a number of different Christian churches" - "promoting or relating to unity among the world's Christian churches"

So you are no longer a satsangi but now embrace Christianity? And here you are on a "churchless" anti-religious blog!

Observer did you not see the (grin) I embrace everything. And yes I do go to Mass but for reasons I don't think you will understand.

I think this post explains a lot of the bloggers on the most recent post are trying to express and to label it "Grotesque and ridiculous as Mr x does, is just ingnorant.

"I mean Negative Capability, that is, when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason... "

"The greatest benefit of negative capability -- the true power of negative thinking -- is that it lets the mystery back in."

How boring life would be without mystery, imagination, art, poetry...

observer, I've never, ever, not once, heard of anyone who calls for the elimination of mystery, imagination, art, and poetry from life. Have you?

Still, I appreciate your sentiments. Mystery just isn't anything that is at risk of going away, As it often is said (if I've got this right), the shore of ignorance expands in concert along with the Island of Knowledge.

The more we know, the better we realize how much remains to be known.

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