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July 22, 2013


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She was mentioning
the body of a woman
not the bikini of the lord

Man & women s bodies are great ; that is
for the human species, . . specially when young
and serves well the purpose

The EYES however, . . . THE EYES
It's forever
with ( again ) The Look of Love
this time from Diana Krall

Bur xxillions more than that is the Glance
of a Holy One ( a whole one )



If her body was a prison; I'd do time in it.



Today, I tried the new yoga of Quantum Jumping.

I was able to access the Multiverse
and found my true self in an alternate
and happier reality.


This is Rajinder's idea of true beauty


Mike:- we await the upload of some Radha Soami sex tape scandal...that truly would be the end.

Hi 9th Gate,
Charan was reported by many people
to have had a mistress, He collected
expensive women's jewlery for a fact.

We are all waiting for Brian to give
us the inside scoop on this story.

Maybe of interest along with other vids!


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