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June 02, 2013


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The Realization of No Self is Enlightenment

It helps mankind, but not the poor person
whom realizes it and is afflicted with it.

This poor person has been stripped of Disneyland.
Much of the motivation and
meaning of life are stripped away.

Our brain is a slab of meat.

Yet, our brain wants to dine with God
in Sach Kand. And, merge with the Creator.

Yes, we are a slab of meat, unless
Something Else is involved we do not suspect.


"Numinous" is one of those magic words. It can refer to the realm of religious notions (which is how I used it), or to any experience that undermines or overthrows the mind's notion of what is true and irrevocable.

Yes, thanks, for writing the above, cc...excellent !...Great video, too.
I see, also, how religion has indeed 'hijacked' numinosity as one of the guys talking stated.
Regards, aristok.


You mentioned,

"The Realization of No Self is Enlightenment"

---Could you expand(discuss in further detail) on what Realization is meant by, in this usage?
Thanks Roger

Hi Roger,
People can read Susan Blackmore
and find out consciousness is temporal.

Thought can never be a self. Yet, thought
weaves itself into a WHO.

Thought dreams up a self, or WHO.

Our brain is a piece of meat.

Can a slice of prime rib ever be a
self ? Not only a self, but a piece
of meat that can become one with God ?

If there is a God and we do manage to
get to Sach Kand, we may find out we
are "whats for dinner".

Realization by the person he has no self
strips one of all ego and vain persuits
to wax a non existant self.

Mike W.

Inspiring post – as always –
with an awakening effect on my “slab of meat”
though very disillusioning
because anyhow it has to be taken into consideration that our self (our individual self) most probably doesn’t exist.
So we really are in a bad situation, realizing our impermanence
and that we are not so special that we will exist for ever and ever
as we tend to believe
due to our fear of death
what remains as a compensative factor and a hope is
what you said in one of your previous posts:
“If we have no self , must not everything be our Self?

"Can a slice of prime rib ever be a
self ? Not only a self, but a piece
of meat that can become one with God?"

Mike, it's quite well known that a slice of prime rib did, in fact, achieve self-realization before becoming one with God...that is, before God ate it.

Hi cc and Sandra,

Yes, COTC is in fact the "House of Pork".

Our pen names should be tenderloins,
rump roast, pork bellies, pig ears
and hamberger.

I would like a satsangi to explain
to me how beef, with a little static
electricity, can merge with God.

Well, if God eats us, we certainly will
merge. But, then again, we may exit Him as poop.

So, it might not only be said God gets the last laugh,
but God also gets the last crap.

Unless Something Else is involved we don't suspect.


The great mystery, so utterly incomprehensible, is only due to seeking the truth as an object.

When you look at the moon you are the moon looking at itself.

No when i am looking at the moon i am just looking at the moon.

Ain't you moon you are a man.


You are existing a long time
but today is the first time I m looking

It's a lot to go through all stuff but I think You c q readers/commenters
there are some doubting the existance of God

Ever heard of 'solopism'
It is that a "source" plays a storybook with himself

Just You alone exist, all other stuff , me included is virtual

Amnesia is implied for activating more realness
and yes reincarnation(s) in the same game so that all this wilml not end itself to rapidly.

Now, advaita people they always talk about Oneness but not really as solopism
because when you really believed that
you would be SO alone.

I think it is exactly like said
because there is no other reasoable explanation
To win the lotto
is mathematically a 1: 50 billion chance

but to exist is much less

If you place a zero on each electron
in the univers it wouldn't be enough.

Further because the whole enterprise can take hazardous forms there is a rescue security exit
which is identifying yourself with
the Sound, a strange expression on this forum be bewitched , . . like Guru Nanak says.

Anybody can join, also the people outside the Disneyland

The reason God is doing this trick and many other tricks is very simple

Imaging you are so powerful and you have everything . . .

what would you like to receive for birthday

Nothing can apply than LOVE

So , if from each Galaxy the gain would be One Saint_like person filled with love
the love_harvest would be immense
grace to some compassionated jeevas, . . who share, . . it is more

Charan said : " It ever grows"

Yes , that's a part of the trick
There is no heaven although there is the seventh heaven ( vvirtually but real )

You are already in that system of approaching this knot of accumulated love at a center In a spiral way approach ( fibonnaci way )

You never be the center
and Swami Ji confirms this saying
there is Alakh, Agam etc

Imaging how "long" this is underway already

You can consume all those experiences
while approaching this center
It's a big giant Fun to participate
also full of proof underway

I joined long ago, I see former lives
and you will too

Radha Soami

There is this thing always ignored about Satgurus
when you see the more or less "Radiant Face", you also see and are "hypntysed" by the face of the Guru of your own Master , like Charan is bewitched akll the time by Sawan, and so on and so on
You see Jaimal, You see so many guys
when I say 'see' I mean Djyan
which is difficult to explain
It is majestic, one can only cry

I was initiated in 1965
and there was no second without the feel I describe here
It is a splendid Path

All the best and Cheers

I will stay anonymous which will permit me
to tell some more in the future

"I was initiated in 1965 and there was no second without the feel I describe here. It is a splendid Path"

---Where is the "Radiant Face" experienced? Inside the brain or some other place? How does the human brain create a 'splendid' path? Is the brain creating the 'feel' as described, since 1965? Please don't ask me to read a book or website.

There need be no other understanding than the obvious...that what I-HERE-NOW-AM is no object.

If I am no objective thing, I am not a subject either because a subject is an object.

Anything other than this direct perception implies an entity conceptualizing.

Even this that is being said here now can become conceptual. If so, then I become some objectivized thing. But I cannot be thought because what I am is necessarily unconscious of being conscious.

As a thought, being conceptualized, I see that what I am is that kind of object which is no-object. But what I am is not a no-object. I am total objective absence which is total subjective presence, unaware of absence as of presence.

I, therefore, am not, whereby I AM, I who am necessarily everything and no thing and neither any nor no thing.

So, the Universe is I.

You are what I am and I am what you are. I am what God is.

Is God what we are?

YES! If we sing it.

yes it's the same as the maximum you can remember when you had this supercrush on a girl
It's done with our imaging power

But it ever grows
from a molecule to a kind of Mount Everest

There is nothing static in that phenomenon
It is a wave form but spiraling up

It is pushed by that sound that probably
every human hears without being aware

Once aware the Three join
and part of the Ego is absorb in it
like happens
with interference in music

Advaitist say that there is silence but that is just before things start to happen before the highs chakra opens

Also a little remark about physical dhyan
You must agree and let happen but the value of looking with your eyes to a person 'more developed' than you is that
where one has to sit for hours before things 'happen'
the holy guy makes happen these things without the slightest effort
other than the train to go there.

In that way I was really made sure that Gurinder is Charan s successor
Although much less impressive as a guy
he makes it happen also, these things
you don't have to work for.

SuperPath, Yes, nice is also that it's not for the pious people

there are some but a lot of scum :) is there too.

Even if a neuro biologist explains to me
that it's all my own mind and I might agree ( wiki solopism )
I wouldn't have missed a second of my long life


thanks for sharing

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