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June 18, 2013


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Perhaps an even more fruitful inquiry would be to ask how the human animal gets so emotional? Humans are easily led into emotional extravaganzas whether they be sports, war, religion, etc. The whole of human history is mostly a bloody and sad testimonial to our unbridled emotional tendencies. Sure, if we could only keep it on a positive note, singing a positive tune. But that is not what happens..

I think the Muslim call to prayer is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.

Yes I agree, . . it is so beautiful

But in the case of the Beas Bhandara
the specific difference is
that the Guru sais nothing or better
"Everybody hopes that he will keep silent"

A moment like that but I had it also
at all other occasions and the most interesting was
when having an hour of so with Him at the airport
or at private interview in Beas

You experience really what you aim at in meditation

Your consciousness rises up to
the third eye
your body'seems numb'
The Sound starts more pulsing and even sweeter

and at the same time you talk to Him
because you know that he prefers
"make no show of it"
like you are two persons
One having Dhyan as it is called
a kind of being bewitched but
so delicious

A fgriend of mine who was a long time coke user
"it's a million times more" adding
and it's free

She was initiated in 2012

Vack to the Bhandara you describe
from the sceptic analysing standpoint
which prevented you to benefit :

A million guys in front of the Guru these days
and they don't move
All in a state of super love

And not at all in any state generated by the 6 lower chakras when excited
and You Brian, after so much study
YOU SHOULD KNOW the difference

I listened to the mullah
somewhat and he is praying to brahma, jehova the proctor of the first region
who excercises total justice like
the eye for an eye in his myriads of big bang universes

This diety has no merci
In silver age when advaita guys were stronger their goal was unification of all mankind with this proctor
All religions pray on the level of
our lower chakras and it is meat which keeps them there

As you all can imaging and will admit-even as a sceptic-
is that the Holy Ghost is not low phenomenon
but is on the top of our chakra body

and if you do not hear that sweet vibration ask a guy in the know
to connect you

Charan :
"Yes, when there is a Holy Ghost, there are lower ghost too"

Thes lower spirits seek entrance to where the Holy Ghost doesn't is

Wow. I'm speechless.

"Wow. I'm speechless."

Because you don't dare say anything critical about Islam, infidel.

Haha cc! No I'm just trying to absorb the whole conversation, blog post and comments. I think it's very interesting and thought provoking. I would only caution going beyond the intellectual examination of human nature to slip easily, in a very human way, to the emotional stance of fear based hatred of Islam which is no better than what Islam is being accused of.

"...the emotional stance of fear based hatred of Islam which is no better than what Islam is being accused of."

You're equating reasonable caution with bigotry. When someone believes your rejection of their belief makes you unworthy of life, do you bring attention to their madness or shrug it off as "human nature"?

There is nothing wrong with reasonable caution of Islamic teaching. When I watch Sunday morning Christian evangelists on TV it scares the crap out of me. My only caution was to not let reasonable caution turn to fear based hatred, of Christians or Muslims.

How are these quotes different from Muslim Recitation video from the blog?

I live and work in a very diverse community. I have friends and colleagues from every corner of the planet and every religious background and ethnicity. I don't find my Muslim friends and coworkers any scarier than any others.

Religious zealots of any stripe do concern me though, including the Sant Mat variety.

Hatred is an emotion with no rational basis, so for you to be concerned that reasonable caution could "turn to fear based hatred" is as irrational as hatred itself.

"Hatred is an emotion with no rational basis, so for you to be concerned that reasonable caution could "turn to fear based hatred" is as irrational as hatred itself." cc

Ever read a history book or opened a newspaper? Just saying...

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