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June 29, 2013


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"To reach the Pure Land, then, would consist simply of being born into a culture that does not reify its ideologies, a collective mind already aware of its constructedness and dependent origination."

In other words, the same old snake oil: some condition must prevail until or before, enlightenment, understanding, realization can occur. In this case, "a collective mind already aware of its constructedness and dependent origination."

Yeah, I don't agree with that part of the neo-Pure Land stuff. But I do like the notion that every attempt to free oneself from conditioning is part of the mental/societal/cultural conditioning that someone is attempting to be freed from.

I mean, Zen, for example (or meditation of any variety) often tries to pretend that it is some sort of universal Way of realizing out of the ordinary truth. But this essay correctly argues that every Way is embedded in a larger cultural/societal context.

Christianity didn't spring out of nowhere. It arose in a particular conditioned context. Ditto Buddhism, Sikhism, HInduism, every "ism." There's no way to escape from conditioned ways of escaping.

So I think Pepper has a point when he says that changing cultural/societal conditions is the best way to change people's way of being in the world.

What I find strange about Shinran and also often in this blog :
That God, is declared to heave been beaten "Knock out"

As if the devil has won
and we have to live with it

Around this sphere people do big efforts
to hairclove about
which word in Simran is the right one

And who initiated who
and where they real successors

and does a SatGuru has power,
while the easy answer is
They just following up orders
and when right (see Sawan's books "Submission"
the feel the lowliest of the lowly,
and for once I come up with a text from Nanak

Thus sais Nanak , The lowliest of the lowly
That what pleaseth Thee is the only good done, Oh Holy
(Guru Granth)

The proof is always in the pudding
and sometimes in a miracle
like the first and only, this provable miracle

google : hines+vivaldi


"To reach the Pure Land,........."

---The mind creates a path, a procedure, a practice, in which the self can objectify. At the end of the path is the found relative truth: the PURE land.

The mind is now happy and ready to go bowling.....

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