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June 04, 2013


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Yes, you wouldn't want satsangees to have much time for inner speech. It could lead to something dangerous, like thinking.

To understand your self, you must become
extremely simplistic. Jiddo Krishnamuti
said just watch your thought. That this
would bring about a radical transformation
by itself.

Can you see the exact moment when thought
becomes a WHO ? Can a dry thought have
a persona ? Can thought, which is a thing,
have a WHO ?

We all see thought ..........
and we all assume WHO.

WHO is the frosting we place on dry cake.

WHO is a feeling, which we add on top
of thought, which has no feeling.

An emotion, WHO, is felt.

The emotion exists, the WHO does not.

Yes, as Charan always said
This thinking is useful to put a spoon in your mouth,
to throw a stone on the moon

to play at Cern

But did you ever stop it Brian for
90 seconds without sleeping , hypno or semi sleep ??

Cheers and peace to all

If you take a magnifying glass
and focus the sunlight, it will
cause paper to spontaneously
burst into flame.

If you listen to yourself think thought
as you are thinking it, the self
will spontaneously catch on fire
and instantly burn itself up.

If you can see the exact spot
where a thought transforms itself into a WHO,
there will be instant enlightenment.

How can a thought, which are words spoken
to your self in your head silently, weave
itself into a WHO ?

If all thought is impersonal, WHO
personalizes it ?

777, of course I don't think all of the time. How about you? You just left a string on comments on this blog. Do you ever stop thinking about stuff on the Internet?

Thinking is part of life. Just not all of life. Every day I meditate; most every day I do Tai Chi (moving meditation); I go on walks in nature; I "land paddle" my longboard for 5 to 7 miles; I pat our dogs. Etc. etc. etc.

You're quick to quote Sant Mat/RSSB teachings. Just realize that each of us, you, me, everybody, is learning about life from... life. Largely wordlessly.

Don't be eager to disparage other peoples' experience of what life is all about, just because it differs from your own beliefs.


"If you can see the exact spot
where a thought transforms itself into a WHO,there will be instant enlightenment."

---Is the Who, the nondual Self or Something Else? And, what is it that can see the exact spot?

Hi Roger,
The brain sees the exact spot. WHO is
a fantasy. It is only when the fantasy
is seen that nonduality can come
in the picture.

If there is no self, then you are

Non duality is a very bad word. Because
the person whos self collaspes does not
have an experience of nonduality. They still
see things as seperate and dual.

But, their self can no longer act selfishly,
because it no longer controls action, because
it is seen as a myth. Why wax a myth ?

Something Else is completely seperate
from us. We can only contact it.

"If there is no self, then you are

Oh yes, thanks. I like this statement. It is the essential point. I just feel as if I've waited so long for that expression. It was the hope I had, but couldn't say it, did't dare. It's just so wonderful.

I like this video

"""Non duality is a very bad word. Because
the person whos self collaspes does not
have an experience of nonduality. They still
see things as seperate and dual."""

The person / jeeva will never collaps

and Brian
I just thought to assist a little in a group where everybody seems desperate.

Try to hear that tiny little sound at the right
and after grows it will absorb you
like interference
next you glue the words on it, in it and the non thinking state will start

It's like tiny orgasms but above the eyes

Brian : I don't refer to any book
This is just me, still existing and obviously rather happy

One needs 2 todance the tango

I have had constant Inner Speech since mid-2011, probably always, but I have been constantly aware of it since the middle of 2011. I read something about this "inner writer" that was characteristic of those of us who write memoir or have kept journals for a long period, who perhaps feel compelled to record every waking moment of our lives. The writer stated that he accepted it as a consequence, and instead of cursing it as inconvenient, embraced it.

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