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June 06, 2013


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OMG those ten plus the additions are so perfectly right on! I so wish i had duscovered this blog while I was married to the mob. It would have saved my sanity!!!

Keep calm. No one is in charge.

Oh yes, I love your "top signs" too!
Every religion makes you feel guilty. It's an indoctrinated guiltyness from the cradle.

I heard Alan Watts say in the video I posted yesterday:
"Christianity makes you feel you've crucified Christ"

Every master/guru puts up barriers for you which you have to surmount; there are restrictions imposed, requirements to fulfill. They just don't want you to realize that it is enough to be what you are.
Or maybe better said: the human himself wants to make it difficult, feels that it is necessary to pay a price for everything. And the gurus just make use of this attitude.

So everybody should get rid of this burden.

For me what was crazy making being married to one of these satsangee nuts was the hypocrisy. I don't think I would have minded the commitment to irrational rituals and rules if there was a modicum of self awareness and reflection that allowed him to realize the similarity with other religions. Instead there was always this attitude that unlike Sant Mat religions were stupid and irrational brainwashing filled with useless rituals and rules.

You don't have to go there
You don't have to pay a cent
You don't have to read anything
myself I read Adi Granth but that's from
another school of thinking

You only have to repeat these words 24/7
and be attentive for some sound stream

and everything follows automatically

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