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June 20, 2013


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After reading the post, I thought of "triangulation" which is widely used in the domain of social science research to increase the credibility and validity of the results. Seems like that the term "heterophenomenology" is a specific instance/counterpart of the more general term triangulation - coined/tailor-made for the discipline of phenomenology.

"I have seen the light and sound of God, so I know God exists."

must be :

"I see the light and 24/7 sound of the many many SatGurus, so many Saints "

Somebody in the Catholic church knew this
by making the All Saints November One stuff
But they honor the wrong saints
thinking they can appoint them


"But they honor the wrong saints"

---Why does a right saint need to be honored? Same with worshipping, why the need for such?

Roger They don't
Even in the popes church the real Saints DON'T

People want that

I said
-only for the Param Saints

They are a giant tornado to the center
each one swallowed by his predecessor

They are as it were the actual 'LOVE' harvest
of this Planet

It's a simple systems without losers
and for us
now we know - even if you doubt
It's better to participate
than going back in the line

It's just 'time' - 'dharma(s)'- and LOVE
above these two

Before I understood this and saw the tunnel of these Real Saints- I often thought like :
"Arriving in the 7th heaven I will cancel this whole operation :)"

Not anymore

Thanks 777,

Your response seems like more babble. Just endless babble.

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