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June 08, 2013


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Thank you so much for sharing that with us Brian. I truly was in awe...especially at the end with the feather. I wish I had what she has....she just looked so poised and poignant and in control in the most graceful manner.
Earlier on tonight I was re-visiting my Jerry Lewis collection (namely The Nutty Professor)...now seeing this clip...it has hit home the thought even more:- Sometimes I feel some people are just born to do a particular thing...I don't even know if I believe in fate....but I know Jerry Lewis was meant to make people laugh and smile and entertain...what a talented and straightforward fellow,,,,Miyoko Shida performed that act so flawlessly; it's like she was destined to do it...obviously hard work, dedication and relentless passion is part of that...It's great when you find that thing in life that you achieve excellence in....I ain't talkin' about money...I'm talking about raw passion and love for ones craft that is so deep, it can only lead to excellence....Testify!

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