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May 29, 2013


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haha, those 5 names would surely baffle my brain. thanks

"""I was amazed. At the time I thanked my guru and his mantra. Obviously this was a miracle of sorts, divine grace!

Now, I'm inclined to a different perspective.""""

To bad
You'r miond interfered in this natural process of experimenting with the words

To bad that you didn't give it a chance a little further up to
when you would have heard the Sound
which you probably would have catogarized as 'tinnitis' or another bad thing

Aamof, I had such experiences with the words even with important business reunions afterwards thinking
I did not make that money - Simran did.

You errored at the first street markers by mocking the basics

The simple point is that everybody has that sound - we are just not aware

Not everybody have this excalibur , the 5 words
not those picked off from the web which mean almost nothing but the power which was layed in themù
by a person who had himself a lot
and was 'ordered' to give that power away

I think - at the coming end of your life,
tyhe best thing is to re-start that process of repeating the 5 words
and not sit in meditation with this life-time build up sarcasm
Meditation will comùe automatically when you have done a likewise activity WITHOUT mocking the first signs of the gigantic strenghth of the 5 words

You might prevent a new birth(s) with a lot of 'mind' capacity taken away
a situ easier for a soul to be captioned

about the millions or billions


Shame that there is no possibility here to correct some
errors in orthographics

The spirit anyway of the whole is OK




What is re-born? I see nothing here to re-be. I am here. I came from no 'where' and go no 'where'. I am immanent always. Present in/as all that appears to be. I can't be known for I am the knowing. I can't be found for I am the finding. I can't be seen for I am the seeing. What can be found that was never lost? Therefore how can it be cultivated by five names? Who is saying the names? They spontaneously arise as does the falcon flying through the sky as I. Absolute absence of I-ness is all that I am conceptually. But absence and presence are just independent counterparts in divided mind when actually all that I am is the absence of both presence and absence, which is the absence of my absence as I. This is beyond conception. In no manner can it either be conceived or expressed. But it can be apprehended non-cognitionally, realized non-conceptually, not in thought which is knowledge, but in non-thought or absolute thought which is not thinking but pre-thinking or spontaneous awareness that is unaware of awareness.

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