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May 15, 2013


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Is the following correct?

Something -- Conceptuality or Duality


Something Else -- Non-Conceptuality or Non-Duality

Does Jootsing occur betwwen the two?

Being a musician first, artist second, developer third philosopher in the littlest way, I only recently discovered the word joots.
Now I have a word, and even better: an explanation for what I have been aiming to do my whole creative life. I also learned the word through Intuition Pumps, and it was almost as thrilling as when I first read Portrait of an INTJ.
To me, jootsing seems to be the greatest of intuitive leaps, the ones that demonstrate the raw and amazing power of the human "mind"...

"Why is there something and not nothing" is a badly-phrased version of the Biggest Question. A better formulation, I think, is, "Why is there anything at all?" That brings home the puzzle a bit more viscerally, without any sense of a presupposition of the existence of something called "nothing".

Another is: "Why is there existence?"

The answer for all is

"Before Abraham , . . I am "


with some mandatory amnesia

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