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May 03, 2013


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Oops, forgot to include the link! !http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1d2v7i/parents_of_reddit_what_is_the_creepiest_thing/

In the old RS Beas books they have Jaimal
dying and telling everyone that they
should go to Chachaji for the secrets
of the sound currents. Sawan did exactly this by Beas own admission.

But, now days Beas misleads people into thinking Jaimal left Sawan as chosen successor.

Never happenned. Chachaji forced Sawan to take
charge of the administration at Beas
against his will. Sawan objected saying he was inept and
powerless. (Beas words in their books)

No one authorised either Jaimal, or Sawan
to be Gurus.

No one.

I found only 4th editions but it was interesting to read that Sawan spoke of a tunnel that the satsangi would go through and that the sound was in the middle of the head and that Enkankar was a God spirit dwelling among other spirit's in some plane. That was not methafysical or a state of consciousness. That was literal.

Eck Onkar is a term that comes
from the Sikhs and means Satan (kal).
I posted reference few days ago here.

On Kar is also the second name of the
five names of the initiation and the
third, Rah Ran Kar.

Ankar was also used by satanists such as
Aleister Crowley and Anton Levay to denote
their God satan.

The On in On Kar is related to Aum.

The Rah is from the Egyptian God Oman Rah.

And the Radh in Radhasoami is also Rah.

These are extremely ancient words.

I know what the Radhasoami's say, but
they are not the original intents of the words. Such as Lord over the Soul, etc., we all know here. Swami is God.

The Mi in Radhasoami is also an Egyptian god. The Soami is also Aum Mi.

These ancient words were sounded out loud
to envoke demons.

Satan rules the first three worlds, so
he is envoked in the 5 names first.

These ancient words track back to Mesopotamia and Bablyon, then to
Eqypt. Alexander the Great spread
these mystery schools even up ito India
and across Egypt. His teacher studied at the
Great Library in Alexandria, which burned down later on.

Ok I have Philosophy of the masters iv page 31 4th edition.

Enkankar is different from the Onkar of the Vedas. ...He is beyond Kal, the negative power. Ekankar is the ruler of all the five regions.

But the notion that it could be Satan is interesting. But how does this relate to the dark forces? The book says Enkankar give nectar to everyone and created everything. Seems to me above Satan indeed.

Confusing stuff.

The objective of this blog and you guys are just to spread the rumor and talk nonsense all the time.

Hi nietzsche,
Sat Nam is the ruler of the 5 regions.

Onkar is Satan, ruler of the 3 lower regions.
That's why it is the second and
third words of the initiation mantra.

Eck Onkar is Sikh for Satan. Sat Nam is also
the Sikh highest God of the 5th plane.

Onkar is pronounced Ankar by Satanists
such as Aleister Crowley and Anton Levay.

One talks what he lives and you sure know alot about satan and demons Mike and this your online frustration and personal strugle of wanting so much attention tells much about you and you are just not aware of that yet.

Free Radhasoami Beas Initiation Today

Presiding dieties, chakras,
sounds of the Kirpal groups
and Radhasoami Beas initiation.
You don't need a guru, here is the
initiation mantra. Stick your thumbs
in your ears, with fingers over eyes.

Listen to sound.

Jot Naranjan
Om Kar
Sat nam

1.Sahas Dal Kanwel Jot Naranjan
Flame of candle, bell, conch shell, 3/4 inches
behind Tirsa Til

2. Trikuti Om Kar, Rising sun,, Thunder,
drum, between two eyebrows.

3.Sunn (Dswan Dar) Ranrankar, full moon,
fiddle, center of forehead.

Maha Sunn vast region

4. Bhawar Gupta Sohang Ji, mid day sun,

5. Sat Lok Sat Nam, where hair
starts on forehead,, harp, bin,
100 million suns

6. Alakh Lok Alakh Parush,
2 fingers after hair starts, undescribable

7. Agam Lok Agam arush,
2 fingers after Alakh line, undescribable

8. Radhasoami D, top of head,undescribable

When reading parts of the old books by Sawan again I remember what attracted me to RS in the first place. It feels like Sawan knew something or had hearth from first source. It also feels like something of this higher being is still there in RS but when I feel the books now they feel much less energized. Perhaps it was a scam all the time or it simple has become one? I don't know. It does not appeal much to me anymore, a little fascination stays though. Guess thats inevitable when you where involved once.

The reason RSSB wants the old books back is because the Minister of Propaganda edited out controversial material in the new Baba Ji editions. Just take a older edition and compare it to a new edition and you will see what I mean. They want their propaganda to be consistent so need to get the old material out of circulation. Very understandable. All power structures act this way. When I was at Dera last I noticed the old newsletters from the Harvey Myers days were no longer available. At that time Maharaj Ji sent out numerous newsletters that said "If someone tells you I am a master, It's a lie and leave me alone". That does quite fit into the propaganda machine. Initiates used to call this the master's humility, but there is always a danger someone might think he was telling the truth. Frankly, I have no idea which is true.

Hi Howie, The biggest tricks the old book
did compared to the new was this;

Old books, Jaimal is dying and tells
everyone to go to Chachaji (Swami Ji's
brother) for the secrets of the sound currents.

He does not appoint Sawan successor.
But, Sawan does go to Chachaji and tells
him he is powerless and inept.

Chachaji forces Sawan to go to Beas
as group leader.

Can anyone here such as Brian, confirm
what Howie has just said ? I would like to add this to Radhasoami Beas
Secret History if it can be
confirmed. I have heard this myself, but would like confirmation.

"When I was at Dera last I noticed the old newsletters from the Harvey Myers days were no longer available. At that time Maharaj Ji sent out numerous newsletters that said "If someone tells you I am a master, It's a lie and leave me alone."

Mike, getting old copies of the Harvey Meyers newsletters is going to be tough. I know one possible source. This guy was initiated right after Jagat Singh died. He had the old newsletters, and his daughter has them now, I just don't know how far back they go. I will see if I can get copies, or at least find out how far back they go. Email me at [email protected] so I have your direct email and I will see what I can do.

I don't think Beas will ever give them up, though you might inform the library you are doing a research project and would like to see them.

Another thing I remember from these newsletters is that they were combating a letter written to the overseas satsangis by Kirpal Singh telling them he was in fact the real successor. Every once in awhile you hear about an old American kirpal Singh disciple from that time. This wrangling over disciples always seemed very strange to me. There is even a letter somewhere in which Kirpal Singh apologizes to Charan Singh for slander in order to stop legal action from being taken by RSSB against him. I heard about this letter for many years from both RSSB and Kirpal Singh satsagnis.

I think we tend to forget RSSB is a power structure as well as a religious institution and acts like a power structures do.

I think at issue here is the lack of transparency, not just from RSSB, but all religious power and financial power structure do this. The legal council for RSSB told my friend that RSSB owns more land in India than any group outside the government. That is a lot of money, and in turn a lot of power.

Propaganda can only be effective through the suppression of controversy, such as by removing the Harvey Myers, or copies of these newsletters from circulation. In "Heaven on Earth" you don't read about Jagat Singh's son committing suicide, though you would think that an institution that claims to encourage inquiry would not have suppressed this fact. The most important thing Beas never mentions is its own controversial early history. Again, that is because it is controversial, does not always shed the best light on RSSB, and does not fit into their propaganda model.

Mike, I have always read The Secret History with interest but found it lacked credibility because it did not cite any sources. This piece would have much more impact if you cited sources. The early history of RSSB is something RSSB has suppressed for a long time and a well documented source would be a great addition to scholarship on this topic. In fact, I can't think of anything more important and RSSB certainly isn't going to publish anything.

Some major obsession here about the regions
which are all subjective

Concerning the books
I can imagining these book-collectors
and your Indian Lady included Brian

Imaging you have the original Saint John Gospel in Aramese from before the destruction of the temple :)
That would represent a billion dollars
because of the 'region' -explainers
Wow & Cheers

""" The early history of RSSB is something RSSB has suppressed for a long time and a well documented source would be a great addition to scholarship on this topic """

One of the collateral stuff of succeeded meditation, -even 1% succeeded

In my case I got the knowledge of 3 former lives
and how I was initiated the first time
by Seth Shiv Dayal

and ever since my Dhyan is not only from my own Master (together wit Gurinder Yes, recently that is . . )
but also from His Master (through Charan's Eyes)
and 'then'
Jagat, Sawan, Swami Ji Maharaji, and Tusi
and others I cannot place

This goes back to the earliest phenomenon of Light
( expression through light )

but really the Sound is a whole knew ballgame

Although our way, the stream of Sound is always present
and our way to pierce through the great vaccuum Sunna they say, ( in His Pocket - as it was - glued by Love, )

This Path is a terrific majestatic path

and I guess to have explained now to Tara
That death really does not exist
for the beloved of the SatGurus

Last Words ( Bachans ) of Baba Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaji

(as recorded by Bhai Jawala Singh - Originals to be found among the old records of Huzur Maharaji Baba Sawan Sing Ji )

Spiritual Letters First Edition , page 131 ))

Bachan N° 4

( I will reproduce the third paragraph :

Following This Baba Ji said, "All Satsangis should now listen attentively.
It is the Hukm ( Order) of Swami Ji Maharaji that every Satsangi must remember the secrets of the regions up to Alakh, Agam and Anami --Radha Swami Desh--as initiated by me."

All Satsangis then asked Baba Ji, who would be
the Successor in His Place, to hold Satsang, to give Nam and to guide them in their Parmarth as well as Bhajan and Simran.
Baba Ji replied, "Baba Sawan Singh will do all this"

The Satsangis thereupon said
that Babu Sawan Singh was still in service and that they would naturally be restless without His guidance
and Satsang from day to day.
Baba Ji said that BhaiJowala Singh would deliver Satsang (discourses) in the
absence of Babu Sawan Singh

on Page 133 he repeats this

in chapter n°6 and N°7


On her question :
"Whose Darshan shall we have now ?"

To which Baba Ji replied :
"Babu Sawan Singh will work in my place"

He also said if there is anything to be asked or explained, then ChachaJi ( Seth Partap Singh ), who is no in the place of Swami Jishould be resorted to.

and next is nice :
Person going in his room for Darshan had to be carried out from Baba Ji's room
by two men

Wauuuw - Cool is that

Mr Williams and all

First and I said it before
A real Saint can give any word(s)
Pepsi Cola would work fine

This is as with any benediction
It contains the power of the Giver

But the words give hommage to those ancient Saints like Melchisadek and even go back to the Silver Yuga
However, there is nothing of Kal (devil) in these words and their associated vibrations of given by a SatGuru or on His Command
Kal is authorised (for a time being)
to transform the downstream sound
for his works which are our works

The Holy words are of the same essence ( one could say waves or frequencies )
but they ASCEND
Kal is not aware of all this - he could of course with all that power if he would but
like a longtime king or president,
it's beyond his imagination
that jeevas would cheet on him and

bypass him

This is the case with Brahma as well
and higher up : ParBrahm

It's true that in this time of poor advancements you cannot go higher than your Master
But with what Charan has brought me
in this life, I wouldn't go higher at all

It take two to dance the Tango and it is terrific, and mega cool with Him

It's not very difficult to hear the tiny sweet sound at the right I would say
and the pulsing and swelling comes with the love for the giver
and by His Simran which is that sound - in a kind of hidden form -

Nothing will work for the proud ones
under us and the non-compassionates,
they will follow Aleister and be the next
bricks of creation

It's great this Path
and now I understand why I appreciated Sri Yuktéswar so much
You said they come also from Tulsi


Hi 777,
In Radhasoami Beas Secret History the original last words are quoted of Jaimal.
This is a from a Beas book. I reference it twice in my book.

Jaimal says absolutely nothing about Sawan
being his successor. Bibbi Rikko actuallly
tried to keep Sawan out when he came. She
was the lady that followed another Swami Ji
Successor at first, then switched to Jaimal.
She also is recorded by Beas as beating people over the head with a club as referenced in my book.

Sawan admitted he was powerless and inept,
Beas quote, to Chachaji. Chachaji sent
Sawan to be administrative head and gave
him authority under the current then Sat Guru, Misra. Sawan initiated for Misra at first and was under the Council authority.

Chachaji was president of the Council.

The Council, under suggestions from Sudarshan and Chachaji, voted to begin excommunication proceedings against Jaimal
for posing as a fake Guru.

How could Sawan be the successor to a fake
Guru ?

Jaimal was initiating for the Council
when he died. Misra was the Guru of the day.

I am still getting newsletters from the SantMat-group I attended last year. Today I received a pdf called HR (human resources)-Vacancies

Here is the first page

Do you want to get more involved?

If you would like to have more information
please contact the Human Resource Team at [email protected].
You can get the application form from
your satsang caretaker or national representative(s).
Join a growing team of volunteers serving around the world.
There are many possibilities in which
you can contribute your time and your talents.

They are searching for video- audio- lighting technicians, photographers and photo editors, graphic designers, writers, photo reviewers, translators and proof readers, and also long term volunteers

Please have a close look at the word “human resources”

Doesn’t it make you think of the world of business?
You all know what seva means: working without payment. The reward is the hollow promise to get nearer to the master, to the guru, to “god”.
Working for the so called “master” (seva) is the most important thing. That’s what they told me. You cannot advance in meditation if you don’t do any seva. The more seva you do for the master, the bigger the reward will be.
It’s just unbelievable. It’s exploitation of human labour in the extreme.
IMO that’s morally reprehensible.
On the other hand, everybody should be responsible for his own life.
How is it possible not to realize the big deception?

Hi Sandra,

It is not that you are right, that
I write this post. But, I wonder
if you really realize just how right you are ?

I wonder if you really realize the scope and
magnitude of the scam they have pulled off.

Sandra - i picked up an application for "Seva in Petaluma for 2014". The introduction said, more or less, not to be too disappointed if one was not chosen to do seva because there were so many more people who wanted to do seva than there were seva opportunities. (Scratching head here.) Was a wee bit perplexed why they bothered pointing out applications were available if they already had too many volunteers. I put it back on the table. How funny!

By the way, there are/were older editions of the RSSB books available for free in Petaluma (Spotted them at the Satsang weekend in May).

The non-Indian sangat gets smaller and smaller and older and older. Pretty soon we will be totally phased out. All the pale-faced, white-haired, people were nodding off, even snoring. One dude kept adjusting his hearing aide........once a proud and glorious group of young hippies; oh the pity of it!

What is RSSB? An Asian religion. Sorry you old American farts, your run is done.

O yes, it is worse than slavery.
Slaves are fully aware that they are slaves, sevadars are not.
Slaves get at least food and lodging from their exploiters, sevadars have to pay even the working equipment - the tools they need to carry out the work - out of their own pocket.

Even livestock gets a better treatment.

The scope – - the concept is dictatorial and fascistic and very convenient for the implementation in politics. Gurudom IS politics. And very very lucrative.
The whole thing nicely disguised in a fairy tale.
Potentates all around the world could learn much know-how by watching the Indian gurus!

Yes, it’s all tactics.

OK Guys

This is the moment
to tell you about
the Power of The SatGurus in Sant Mat
back to Melchesadech and a Giant Miracle

that could Not have happened - that is :

to make such a thing happen , the Doer should have to go back in history at least a hundred years, starting modifying circumstances.

Sometimes I think one has to re-do even the big bang to have this miracle happen
the latest super nova is perhaps easier :)

The Beauty here is : I have physical PROOF°* that it happened
I guess the Catholic church would be jubilant to the extreme when they had only ONE such PROOF of a miracle in their 2000 year history

Now, I place this story here , I will also place it on the more or less official yahoogroup
because this is also so helpful for the many lovely Satsangis being less cynical - their Dharma, Dharmat goes endless more smoothly
Many will have seen this undescribable emanation coming from The Satguru, a diamond radiation and everything in the ways of the rays changing in myriads forms of Gold and it's enormous
it kills all objectivity - it's pure love- ,
you can never ever doubt, yes during my satsangi-ship I found out
that the Person / Satguru Himself, being the center of this emanation on earth
He s listening to the pathi, and tries to do His Simran
and like you and me HE tries to do the best He Can
He is just following orders
and feels the lowly of the lowly
see page 302 of Radha Soami Teaching of Lekh Raj Puri
At a bandhara HE is just absorbed by the spndor of His Own Master
like that one is bewitched by His Master
and that's the way it goes . . . .

The Last are the first -
Objectivity is often the ennemy of God

So this is the story
If any body is reckognizing me, . . please keep silent.

Initiated in 1965 - I had the idea - This Path is much to difficult and exalted for me and if anything would result it's not by my force , neither my interest, c q love
but two things of the vow-list I could easily do
The non-meat and the Simran
So I tried really hard this simran 24/7 and I started even using it which is not 'allowed' in business and so and I developped from a minus 1000 $ guy to the oppsite- then acquiring an IBM 360 at the time
using that computer 'wisely'
and came to a point that someone offered me a fantastic home in the Saint Tropez neighbourhood of France, I moved in

but that was after 6 years to costly and my father in law phoning often saying ;

"You have to come back" - a lot is mismanaged and they steal even

I said OK, at your next visit here
please bring the bookkeeping papers and we go through it together

So he came and I said :
Let's go to the beach and discuss and so we were on the beach and I saw that he was right and I had to give up this nice life
( in Holland there is a verb "like God in France" - kidding )

Twenty meters of where we were sitting there was a man reading the local newspaper : "THE NICE MATIN"

It's rather heavy - full of advertisements
anyway - the man there was putting the Journal in the sand and went to the sea to swim

The weather was mild with almost no wind

The moment that i agreed to return to Holland as a final decision and we were a sort of voting ) I said

"I choose for Holland"

At that precise moment the NICE MATIN
by the force of the wind but I m not sure
went airborn
flew the whole 20 meters and landed halfway in my lap
and opened ( the man had closed it)

Immediately as if it was written with big characteres in the middle of the opened page
I saw written
"Nous choissisons Vivaldi"

This was so heavy a chocker because
in english this is


that I immediately
added and changed my decision
because Vivaldi is the owner of the super house where I still live
and "WE" is pluralis majestatis
which gives a lot of goose busting or bursting

Then we took that Journal of August , 2 1986 in our hands
and saw that it was about the horse-racing in Gagnes-sur-Mer
and that one of the experts , mentioning a little list of 9 horses
had added his choice to be 'VIVALDI'

But this story hasn't ended yet

Looking to the list of the horses and yes, in the middle : there was Vivaldi
but the last one had the name RIGHTLY which was so nice an addiction
to the sphere we were in
BUT the first Horse on the list had the exalted name :


I still consider this Nice Matin as a Recommended Letter and it was

Cheers Guys, also the infidels, :-)
. . .

** I still possess this newpaper
and I have given copies to certain satsangis
because I will have it published ( also here ) after
my body will be no more

In 1991 I have send a copy to Gurinder, narcisticly thinking that it would be a great help to Him
and He answered me so nicely
That it was no wonder that Charan
helped his disciples and he thanked me for the letter and my narcistic invitation to come here for vacation

Sant Mat : There is much more to it
Make yourself invulnerable Guys here
and go in the Third Eye even while doing the NY Marathon
or paying in the casino
And try to hear that sweet tiny tone to start with
It's not Tinnitis which is an ugly often painful phenomenon

Every jeeva in creation will go this way -soon or a few big bangs later

* - I changed the name of the landlord into another componist for privicy reasons


777 - to those who want to believe in the Path of Sant Mat your testimonial to goose-bump inducing, religious serendipity will be a welcome addition to the stories they can pass on to the incredulous. However, for them's that do not find comfort any longer in "The Teachin's of the Saints" it will probably seem but a happy, interesting, yet essentially unconvincing anecdote. Why unconvincing? For starts, can it explain the enormous, swirling mysteries of the Universe, including the voracious miseries of all living creatures? Many think that such anecdotes, not matter how intriguing, dim and fail when compared with, say, a super massive black hole in the Andromeda Galaxy, or the blood and horror that has soaked this planet for millions of years.


What would YOU be happy with generating
if you were an omnipotent, omniscient Being ??

I asked Brian the same
some time ago

He did not create the cruelty of this Darwin method, ...

WE did !

Cool Sant Mat Method

It is the simpliest of the simple

Like you see a beautiful woman
and you can ask her to love you !

There is only One Commandment
"Thou shall not steal"

and if you do, . . there is no punishment , . . you only have to give that back
like an apple, a S3, A country a Smile, a planet, a life, . . .


Radha Soami

never paid a cent
in 48 years
and when on the
Dera in Beas
they refused money
and I had to put an envelop
in their box

777 - oh sorry, I forgot how important and powerful i once was!

What would I be happy generating?

Since I am currently an unemployed and senile god, totally off-line, i.e., not omnipotent and all that--- obviously any answer I could tender would be, at best, hilarious, and at worst beyond pitiful.

quote 777: never paid a cent
in 48 years
and quote 777 : and I had to put an envelop
in their box

Moon: oxymoron

That's my english

I didn't want that my stay overthere was
payed by poor indians
so in the evening I did some money in an envelop and
found a post box somewher

I did that AFTER the administration refused my money

Haha, ... I'm a rebel too


I think you r going throwing up whenI say this but :

Could it be for our Good ?

Take Up your Simran and your life will change

It happened 3 times in my life
Up & Down and Up & Down and middle


quote 777
Take Up your Simran and your life will change

Moon: Who is this Simran guy hm..a famous bodybuilder maybe ,no?
A Simran Milosevich no
Simran Shaka Zulu..
Simran Fittipaldi ?
Just Paldi just Fitty

No i don't know the guy..

Little point about Karma

Indians generally think that heavy 'negative' karma is a sign of bad lives in the past
and they look down on such individuals in misery.

Ever heard of very high levels of creation, where saint-like jeevas aspire to go yet higher and higher closer to the source
and beg God to be reborn with a Third Eye
so that they can yet more purify themself
taking somtimes upon them karma from their last 20 lives together

This here is a planet where that can happen and there are a few only in all the universes

To judge people with apperenly bad karma
we have to know the direction of the wind
of big bang day

Hope this gives another view on the karma theory

The clochard under the bridhe might be a higher soul than ParBrahm ever can dream it was possible

and william
you thought you had published the 5 words


not that it would have mattered
The difference between fission & fusion
or clay and heated clay wich can kill
when it hits you ( : Charan )


hello everyone,

I've some original copies in Hindi (native Indian language) but I need them with me.
Scanning the whole book would be cumbersome, but if anyone's interested, let me know and I can share the soft copies for specific pages or chapters.


I want to discuss something with you in private.
Could you please email me at [one DOT initiated AT gmail DOT com] ?

One Initiated

777, I found the Vivaldi post. I hope Brian doesn't mind if I say that I liked especially...

"Ever heard of very high levels of creation, where saint-like jeevas aspire to go yet higher and higher closer to the source and beg God to be reborn with a Third Eye so that they can yet more purify themselves taking sometimes upon them karma from their last 20 lives together. This here is a planet where that can happen and there are a few only in all the universes."

Makes sense to me, why the rich and powerful, greedy psychopaths rule the world and the sweet and humble people suffer...

I have an original "Path of the Masters" bound in what I think is elephant hide.
It is said that 200 copies were printed on "thin light weight Bible paper".... this being one of them.
I am wondering if anyone can tell me about this printing.

@Brian @All
"I keep asking for evidence of this. I never get any."

This is a lie
I offered physical evidence several years


Posted by: 7 | June 23, 2022 at 12:55 PM

so here is the base
If you promise to place it without editing / altering
I will send the copt of the journal to you
for all blog_members to see

This is my second request
The first was deleted


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