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April 21, 2013


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I was a big fan, but now you lost me. Now you just seem racist to me. Sorry. I'm no fan of religions, any of them, but it's fundamentalists that are the problem. I don't like it when people taget any particular group. The Muslims I know would completely disagree with your interpretation of their faith. Sorry.

"a Muslim must not punch another man in the face."

Yet it's OK to blow his legs off with a bomb?

In my opinion people should speak against the cruelties perpetuated by religions.
Otherwise bad people will go on doing bad things and good people will remain silent.

I am born into Sikhism. My father is a fundamentalist and so i have to keep beard and turban even if i do not believe in anything. Where is the justice in that? It is the same with many children (especially girls) born in Muslim world. Who will fight for their freedom if we just keep silent

islam is crazy religion...look into the world...every were muslim are killing innecent...raping girls ,women all today in UK they beheaded one man...in India also
killing and burning Hindu house...it is sick

SWAMI RAM BEHARI LAL quote below,( disciple of Gharib Das, blind sadhu whom followed Swami Ji as a self appointed successor mentioned in Beas books with Jaimal, small group.)


(Originally printed Sarai Rohilla, Delhi,) India as TRUE and PRACTICAL DEVINE KNOWLEDGE


One who subdues passions, loves neighbors as well as strangers and is hospitable and kind even to non believers and raises his soul to the spiritual regions of NASUT, MULKOOT, JUBRUT and LAHUT, and enjoys the bliss of ISM-I_AZAM internally that MOHAMMAD did, is a true follower of MOHAMMAD.

( So, does any one here think Mohammad was a Guru ? )

quoted from Radhasoami Beas Secret History

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