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April 25, 2013


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Hi Brian. I would like to think that your blogs like this enlightening one on David Hume are seen by young people (particularly)in America.
I have just watched a programme on PBS TV entitled 'What About God?' The students at Wheaton College and Lafayette High appear to be going through a terrible crisis over the faith/evolution issue.
They are not bothered about other areas of science but because of their conditioning in the literal interpretation of the bible they are totally confused about the science of evolution simply because it contradicts the bible.
They seem to have been brought up in a culture that although permissive in many ways does not allow permission to question anything connected with their faith. Their questioning was severely limited within the tight constrains of their Christian conditioning.
It was very sad to see them struggling over this issue. Keep up with your blogs - the 'penny may drop' for some of them.

The personalization of things
and the identification with
the false personalization,
are the wax on which the self
is built.

Thought is a thing... not a WHO.

How does a thing ... whip itself
into ....... a WHO.

Can a cake think frosting into existance ?

Can milk churn itself into cream ?

Is not the cream .... still milk ?

Kirpal Singh once said God is unconscious.
Only the master can answer your prayers.

On Kar is the second name of the five.

Ek Onkar is worshiped by the Sikhs
on the way to Sat Nam.

So, does this not infer Radhasoami
is unconscious and only the lower gods
are conscious ?

On Kar is literally Satan. Lord of this

Beas and offbranches, worship Satan
and envoke his name, by using the
5 names.

My thoughts on Kirpal Singh,

He envoked Satan successfully. Even Thakar
Singh, his successor, admitted Sawan Ashram
was haunted with devils and he was possessed himself.

Kirpal was a tremendous liar, as has been
documented. Kirpal was completely
fooled by the Akaskic Records.
Kirpal admitted he failed his satsang
and was even going to give up his guruship
because no one was getting anywhere.

At the end of his life, Kirpal realized he
had been fooled by the inner demons.

Yet, Kirpal's satanic lineage survives
to this day. It is ironic the current
master, Rajinder, looks like an ape.

It would be more appropriate if Rajinder
looked like a horse's ass.

Doing well again Mike :)!

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