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April 19, 2013


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You bring up a great subject Brian and I commend you for walking in the middle road.

The Zen Buddhist story of the gateless gate points to this same dichotomy. From one side of the gate there is strife and struggle to get through. From the other side of the gate, one turns around and there wasn't ever a gate, thus the gateless gate.

I would think that there is wisdom embedded in this Zen story that baffles both convictions of theories. A coin cannot be a coin without having two sides to it. With a two sided coin, are there two coins or just one? Such is life. Why does the mind operate in an either or mode? Struggle, striving, contortion and vacillation, is a part of the whole of life.

Though I am a fan of much of Taoism, it seems to be a view from only one side of the coin/gate. Instead of letting our ego naturally go through the process of expanding and imploding, the Tao teaching bypasses this process by encouraging to calm the ego down. I can understand why Taoism is so popular. Who does not want peace in their life?

The tame horse goes to work in the morning; and is successful in the workplace. The tame horse is just something I made up so I could earn money. I am inside a free bird, not a wild horse. There is no shame in earning money like this.

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