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April 15, 2013


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I spend most my spare time teaching people about the evils of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Whom fund most politicians around the world
and are Satanists, often Freemasons.

Carl Jung hit it on the nose when he said
demons are from the collective unconscious,
as is the self and persona.

I decided years ago to help End the Fed

The head of the Luciferian Snake must
be cut off.

To this I dedicate my life.

A great awakening is occuring
around the world.

Deal with reality and forget philosophy.

Mike:- Are you a one man army?

Sounds interesting, but do you think it's any different from some of the Buddhist/Taoist teachings, such as "chopping wood, carrying water" or "wu wei"? They imply that enlightenment is exactly the realization that Harrison is talking about, but that it takes some sort of process or practice to get there. It almost sounds like Harrison has gotten there somehow, but is now saying that the process wasn't necessary. I'm not sure I agree with that.

Also T.S. Eliot - We shall not cease from exploration,And the end of all our exploring,Will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time.

"Mike:- Are you a one man army?"
quote the 9th Gate

As you know 9th Gate, I have been
studying the Palo Mayombe death cult
personal and up front.

First they killed my dog. Now I have
spilled a boiling pot of water on my leg.
My leg has become infected and I have just returned from the hospital.

I sent off my lifelong collection of ancient
coins to be sold at auction. Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Pompey and even
Napoleon and Ferdinand and Isabella late period.

I was told this morning I only have a 50- 50
chance of surviving this. They wheeled me
back out to my car when I refused to be admitted to the hospital. I have a load of antibiotics and shots. It took all my effort
just to get home.

I am a big guy, 6'3" and 250 lbs. I used
to be able to hit a baseball 500 feet.

Now I will turn 61 years old tomorrow, if
I make it to tomorrow.

So, if my posts stop suddenly, I want you
people to know I love all of you.

There were many times in my life when I should have died. It is a miracle I have
lived this long.

If you people knew the things I am into
it would blow your minds.

There are many people like me out there.

It is only the best interests of the world
that causes us to do what we do.

My wife cannot use a computer, so if I don't
make it this time. You will probably never
know I am gone.

There will be no one at my funeral as I will
die the death of the jnani. No one who ever
tells the truth can have friends.

" I know this is all there is... I don't care."

Carved inside the holding pin of the gladiators outside the Colleseum in Rome.

Mike:- Don't say that. You have to get better. You sound like an amazing individual and I always look forward to reading your posts especially about Something Else.Please do look after yourself and I want you to know sincerely and genuinely; I wish you a speedy recovery. Your work is not over. I don't usually pray but I will say a pray for you tonight brother. Regards from the U.K.

Hi 9th Gate,

I have always known when someone was going to die from the time I was a kid. I made the mistake of telling people and it scared even my friends away from me.

Over the last months I have been having
the premonition someone was going to die
here from something on their leg. I thought
someone had cancer on their leg.

It did not occur to me it would be me.
After all the things I have been through in life, imagine a pot of spilt boiling water
killing me from an after infection.

I have 3rd degree burns and am in a great deal
of pain. But, I was asmatic all my life
and am used to terrible pain. The pain I have
been through in my life people can not imagine.

My wife is away. I don't want her to come
home and find me dead here. So, at the last moment, I will go outside the house and sit
and look at trees and birds.

Do you know I go to the park and feed the ants candy, the birds bread, the rabbits carrots and watch the sun rise ?

Something Else is the only thing I have ever found worth anything. I know if I asked it
to save my life it would. But, I cannot ask

The pain medication is innefective and I do
not have the strenght to change my bandages
any more. The antibiotics do not seem to be

I have always liked being nobody in my life.
Even when I go in a restaurant, people know
not to say hello to me and pretend they dont
know me. I even have it set up there will
be nothing about my death in an obituary.

I love being nothing and no body and having
no one recognise me.

My only concern is for the children of the
future. I never had any children and was
an only child.

The only thing I really liked to do was walk
along the river bank.

The birds, the rabbits, the ants were all
my friends. We had such a good time together.

They were the only friends I ever had.

"...post-spirituality abandons the myth of self in all its forms and deals directly with the actual self, the manifest self, just as it is, giving up all sense of improvement."


"No one who ever tells the truth can have friends."

Nonsense. Louis C K, for instance, has more friends than he knows what to do with.

I will send you an email which will include my phone number. When you get my email, please telephone me asap. I will stay up until about 12 midnight. Or after 10 am in the morning. So check your email inbox right away. Also, when you get my message, send me a quick reply with your home phone and/or cell phone number. I will call you as soon as I get your message with your phone number. I have free calling.
Love you Bro,

Mike: I am not even sure what country you are in but I am assuming it is not the U.K. If it is, please get in touch and I will come to you.
I understand the lone wolf thing but you have people that care about you and people that depend on you. Besides; you are young and my gut instinct says you have much to share with the world. I said my pray for you last night so you ain't going nowhere. I hope you read tAo's comment and get in touch with him. I believe he can help you. Keep us posted please. Thinking of you

I know you do good to others and sometimes your postings scare me of but still I'm your friend too if you want that of course :)
I'l burn a candle for you and ask the mighty angel. Hope everyone will send positive energy.

It is 4 AM and I have just awoke here in Los Angeles. Today is my 61st
birthday. Not sure if I am coherent anymore. Got your
email Tao.

I was taking wrong antibiotic doctors told me. Yesterday
in hospital they gave me bunch of shots and switched me
to Clindamycin mega doses. Also taking mega Hydrocodine.
Hard to think. Took whole bottle.

This morning i checked the spreading infection going up my leg.
It only advanced 1 inch. This is good and I was able to change
all my bandages from 3rd degree burn.

The pain is unbelievable. Like having blow torch on you.
I understand now why people jump out of windows when there
is a fire.

Supposed to go back to hospital Friday and will have my wife
take me if I am alive. She gets home tonight and is unaware
of what is happenning. Made a final will.

But the fast moving infection looks like it is near stopping, or
slowing. New drug may be working. But, not sure if it is already
too late.

I saw the little girl, she came to me in hospital.

Do you know Frank Zappa has nothing on his tombstone ? All
you can do is point towards it.

Mine will not have my name either. It will say,
"Nobody was born ..... and Nobody has died."

Mike, you will be fine. Just stay postive.

"Do you know Frank Zappa has nothing on his tombstone ? All you can do is point towards it."

Actually, Mike, there's no tombstone to point to...just a patch of lawn.


Mike, your death will break me up. So don't do it. I love your blogs. You seem so very real to me.

Mike: I was listening to this and thought of you....
Sometimes I feel as though I died many years ago but the body refuses to accept it.
Your body is fighting back. It wants to heal. It wants to strive. It knows that your best work is yet to come....listen to it and all our best wishes. I heard L.A. is a city of angels....I am sure they are watching your back. Peace.

It's just occurred to me noone said Happy Birthday...

Hey Tara,

I recently come across this https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=429665630424000&set=a.334147496642481.77269.334136879976876&type=1&theater

Did you see the photos of Gurinder covering his face outside the Gurdwara, he looks funny.
In case you didn't http://www.demotix.com/news/1845575/security-dera-beas-chief-created-chaos-golden-temple


Tara:- I would be honoured to have a coffee with you on your next trip to the U.K. It would be peppermint tea for me, although I had this caramel coffee with a dollop of fresh cream the other day and it felt damn good! Glad you have corresponded with Mike. It's very sunny here today and I intend to dance to some Earth Wind and Fire later on tonight. Dancing is my new meditation it seems. Recommend me a song to dance to Tara...I shall request it tonight!
Gaz: I saw those photo's. You have to admit; some impressive beards there...Zeus would be proud. Are you still going national Satsang at Haynes Park?
I am debating it. It would be the first time I see him as a non-believer. Hey; well at least I am not a Belieber! There is still hope for me it seems.

Tara:- Thank you so much for the clip. That made my night. Some funky moves there! We are going to get along for sure! Heard much from Mike?

Can you place your fingers on the keyboard and say you are recovering; that you have chosen not to leave this level; that you have decided not to travel to Something Else and that all is relatively well with you again?


Mike you made me smile. Thank you so much.
"The only thing more terrifying than searching for the Devil... is finding him."
I think the Devil will think twice before messing with Mike Williams! Tonight you are Flash Gordon....this one's for you:-

Just want to say thanks to everyone
expressing their sentiments for my
recovery. It now appears I will survive.
I mentioned previously I had interviewed
a 3 star general in the US Marines.

After that remarkable interview I went
back to see him. I was curious if aliens
had ever visited our planet, or made contact
with us.

The general said definitely not. He had been
to Area 51 three times and there
were no flying saucers. He said most
UFO's are USA advanced aircraft. Especially
one called the Auerora (sp?).

This matches with my studies of conspiracy
theories showing ancient cities need not
have been built by advanced technology.
They even know how the great pyramid in
Egypt was built now.

Radhasoamis worship Satan at 3 A.M.

Evocation of demons and gods come
directly from ancient Egypt.

As the Aryans crossed the Indus Valley
they brought with them the knowledge
from the secret schools at Alexandria.

Alexander the Great had gone IntoIndia about 330 BC

The Yezidis sometimes use the name “Ankar” for Satan

I would see more the Gray-Cobb's Ankar being the sikh representation
of "OM" known for them as "ek oankar" (AKA ek onkar or ek omkar)

Ek in Urdu or in Hindi means one (Yek in Persian or Farsi)
Ong being the creative energy
and Kar meaning that this energy is in action.


Rah Dah So Aum Mi

Here is another possibility -- in Aleister Crowley's 1904 edition of the Goetia, there is an
invocation of "Ancar" in the Adoration at the Induing of the Vestments (page 44 of my edition).
Several other spirits are named as well, including "Amocor"; "Amides"; "Theodonias"; and "Anitor."
I have been told by a Goetia practitioner that these are names of specific angels called on for protection.

Ek Onkar means "God is One." The symbol is an emblem of the Sikh religion and is found on Gurdwaras (Sikh temples) around the world. The symbol has some resemblance to the Sanskrit OM as seen in the Hindu religion. Ek Onkar forms the cornerstone of Sikh belief in the unity and oneness of God.

Ek Onkar is the beginning of the Sikh Mool mantra, and the first phrase in the Sikh Holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib:

There is but one God. Truth by name, the creator, all-pervading spirit, without fear, without enmity. Whose existence is unaffected by time, who does not take birth, self-existent, who is to be realised through his grace.

HistoryOnkgra is itself found in ancient Sanskrit literature. Sanskritic rules of sandhi or phonetic liaison turn the 'm' of Om into a velar/guttural 'n' when preceded by the velar/guttural 'ka', so that the nasal consonant and the velar 'ka' can both be spoken at the back of the mouth. Liaison removes the unrefined pronunciation which would result from a labial 'm' followed by a velar 'ka' producing a clumsily pronounced Omkgra. Any conjunct nasal consonant can be represented however, by a 'm' with a dot above or below, but in pronunciation, must match the consonant group to which the proceeding consonant belongs.

According to Swami Vivekanand, "Onkar is the most holy word of the Vedas". A symbolic word meaning the Supreme Being, the Ocean of Knowledge and Bliss Absolute". (Raja Yoga)

Another definition of the word is given in the Mandukopanishad: "That which was, is and will be, is all Onkar. And that which triple time transcends is Onkar too. (Verse 1)

The figure 'one' appended to Onkar does not merely signify God's unity as against trinity, but also affirms His being a personality and not merely a Shunya or void. "Transcendent (O-an) - Immanent (-kar)", suggests Kapur Singh.

copied from internet


Zen Question

If there is no WHO .................
WHAT is responsible for your actions ?

Answer : True

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