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March 24, 2013


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JW's can show up almost anywhere you live, from the sticks to the urban areas.

I have had them show up at a place I lived miles down a dirt road, or while we were nude sunbathing (circa 1970) which made them very uncomfortable and they couldn't wait to get out of there but we kept asking more questions.

What I do is tell them thanks for coming but I have spoken to members of their religion many times over the years and their religion is not for me and I don't want to talk about it. But I speak respectfully. This is while I stand practically invisible behind an unopened screened door. I then wish them a pleasant day, say goodbye and that is the end of it which is a good thing because any back talk from them MF'ers would result in the "cha-chuck" of the slide on the 12 ga. shotgun I'm holding.

...just kidding.

It's really an AK-47.

...just kidding...?

Interesting post Brian.

We just had a couple of JW's visit our house for the first time in about ten years. I thought they gave up on us but I guess not. I actually had an okay, non-eventful experience too. They handed me an invitation to some kind of an event they were having. We then all smiled, bid one another a pleasant day, and said good-bye. Maybe they have a new marketing and sales strategy. I hope they don't come again and take it up or I mean down a level. Maybe I should send up a prayer to Jehovah to intercede on our behalf for help!

"I hope they don't come again..."

Unless you call up the Kingdom Hall and specify that you are put on their "do not call" list, they are compelled (by their interpretation of the Bible) to keep coming back.

Good work Brian. You had just shown your flip side. Or Must I say your true side.
On another note I am enjoying your book RETURN TO ONE. Good piece of work.

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