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March 20, 2013


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Hi Brian.
Yes, I'm a bit of a fan of Taoism. Have you checked out the 'Daily Cup of Tao' website? I like their article - 'You Might be a Taoist'.

Thanks, Turan. I liked that article also. Here's a link to "You Might Be a Taoist" for those who think they might be. I am, pretty much. I like large government, but otherwise I'm Taoistic.


i liked the stories below in this modern interpretation written as if it was an ancient tome:

Yes, Zen is structured and its transmission
lineages are crazy.

Why all the structured nonsense just
to realize your self doesn't exist, even
before you try to get rid of it ?


When you say "your self doesn't exist", who are you? Are you not yourself?

"Who are you, are you not yourself ?"
quote cc

There is no one with any self in the
universe, not even God.

re: "Who are you, are you not yourself?" I have long understood that the 'self' is not a thing but a process in that it comprises of information derived from experiences 'stored' in the brain. Now, in the form of memory it describes my 'self'. The 'self' then is another illusion the brain play on us.

Although, as Bruce Hood in 'The Self Delusion' quoting Susan Blackmore says, "the word illusion does not mean that it does not exist - rather, an illusion is not what it seems"

T. Metzinger's 'Ego Tunnel' makes an interesting read where he also describes the 'self' as a process.

Hi Turan,
Susan Blackmore is best. As she says,
there is no permenant self, because the
self has no continuity.

The neurons flash in microseconds
and there is no watcher, or feeler
of experiences.

The feeler is an illusion.

I said in last post the self has no continuity. I meant to say consciousness
has no continuity.

The self is only a false idea, or belief.

quote Mike
has no continuity

Mike is this from Blackmore chick?

has no continuity
Mike is this from Blackmore chick?
question by Moongoes

Yes. Consciousness is an end product
of evolution, not the cause. Consciousness
has no continuity per Blackmore. It has
the feeling and appearence of continuity.

Like drunkeness comes from the grapes
that make wine.

Like the propeller on an aeroplane spinning.

The neurons fire off and on so fast we do not feel the pauses.

We sit in a car and drive it down
the street continously.

But, the spark plugs in the engine
are firing on and off in micro seconds.

Yet, we enjoy one smooth ride. Not even
aware of what the spark plugs are doing.

youmightbeataoist.com is now http://youmightbeataoist.blogspot.com

Experiencer or not, there is still experience occurring, which is why we try not to cause harm. Harm is experienced. Devating self or no self is inconsequential, nothing more than a mental hand-job.

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