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March 28, 2013


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Kumare and others like him are the psychological equivalent of a placebo. People swear by the healing powers of pills that are known to be duds or of dubious value, to say the least. It seems that the mind decides to do what must be done, but can't decide until authorized by Something or Somebody because it (the mind) is conditioned to submit to authority.

Since the phrase placebo effect refers to an influence of change physically or mentally to a person most likely caused by the subtle power of persuasion, do you think that the character that you are CC might just be one big placebo effect? Hey, please don't think that I am singling you out. I am just using you as an example of just maybe what all of our personas are composed of; the influences of outside persuasions including reactions to experiences with their placebo effects on us. Maybe we are all a bunch of placebos in one big unifying placebo!

"do you think that the character that you are CC might just be one big placebo effect?"

If I'm the effect, what's the placebo?

CC said, If I'm the effect, what's the placebo?

That is a good question but don't you think you should be asking yourself that question? I do not know anything about you and life's influences on you.

One thing interesting about finding out about our own personal placebos in life is that our reaction to finding out about the placebo can just become another placebo effect. You might find yourself ranting the rest of your life about the placebo that had you in its grips instead of getting over and past it. The thing about our living in the bubble of the placebo effect is that we typically are unaware of our placebo that presently has us. We with pride point at our past folly placebos without realizing we are just in another one. Pointing at other peoples placebo errors strengthens and brings about a false sense of solidification to our own placebo effect we are in. Pointing out errors has its place but one must look within and "find out" our placebo effect of what is motivation us.

Great post. I've thought about this issue a lot. My ex-husband is a member of RSSB, i was active in Art of Living for some years. I also work at a psychiatric institution. I've thought about this topic in terms of political leaders too. It is us who give them power and it is us who are angry when they lead us astray. At the psychiatric institution many people walk around saying they are God or are speaking directly with God. We are not angry at them or write articles about them being fake. Why? Because they are powerless.

The AOL guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, "you don't follow me because I am your Guru. I am your Guru because you follow me". I think this is a significant difference. Gurus can lose all there power very quickly if devotees turn on them.

What i like about this blog post is that in some ways it doesn't matter. If a psychiatric patient says something that for me is profound and changes my life, that experience is very real to me. It really doesn't make any difference whether or not that person was some kind of God. It is only my interpretation and ascribing of the source of my life change and my subsequent behaviour towards that person that distinguishes between a spiritual master and a psych patient.

I think this is how Gurus attain their power, either through yoga, mediation, pranayama or useful sermons. They make a difference to people's lives and people attribute that profound experience to something about these people. Of course this psychological phenom is especially powerful when there are huge crowds of likeminded devotees around.

Anyway, this is not to say they aren't very dangerous, just as Hitler was, so is anyone with the power to influence millions of people to do whatever they want. Just an dangerous is the power of the devotees, either within their families or in their communities, to wreak havoc in the name of their guru and his supposed teachings.

Skeptic:-Nice comment...welcome to the dawn :-)

"It is us who give them power and it is us who are angry when they lead us astray". So true Skeptic. Wonderful insight of taking ownership of the truth of the matter instead of ranting the root of the problem away.

I watched the movie Kumare.
People desperately want to believe in someone and in doing so - they create their own experiences and attribute them to the Guru.

I know lots of people who said they saw light surrounding various R.S. or sant mat gurus - because they so desperately want to believe.

I watched the movie religulous. People believe the most ridiculous things - but each person thinks their own beliefs are sensible. We create our own reality and we judge our ridiculous beliefs to be true when they are clearly ridiculous.

For example the current R.S. master still does his ritual of 'drishti' - gazing over the sangat. What is this nonsense? It's playing on people's beliefs. People say they feel something and some of them believe their karmas are being wiped away when he gives them darshan.

What R.S. followers don't realise is that they have beliefs the same as all other religions - even though it's now called the science of the soul. It's a far cry from a science.


Gurinder and previous masters are still light years ahead of that hairy goof Osho, Osho looked like a drunken hobbit.


Are you that guy that has got that DVD on how to be happy. That's pretty shrewd, is your target market ex satsangis?
I just viewed your youtube video you just look like you just seen a ghost, I guess you should really learn to be happy before you preach stuff to others.

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