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March 12, 2013


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This is extremely commendable on your part and my hat's off to you. It shows a remarkable integrity and most writers wouldn't have the courage to do such a thing.

I would love to read your revised book when it comes out. Indeed, I think having both versions would be a wonderful way to teach critical thinking and showing how a genuine thinker is willing to change their mind over time.

Indeed, I would love to use excerpts in my critical thinking class as your writing is exceptionally clear.

Thanks again and I look forward to your newly revised tome.

with deep respect and admiration,


david, thanks. I don't know how commendable it is to re-publish a book that I don't agree with anymore, but I suppose it is. After all, the "me" who wrote it, and revised it, is more or less the same "me" today.

It's the nature of the more-or-less that's interesting. Am I really the same person? Tonight, when I re-read what I'd written years before, I felt like I was reading what someone else had written. Which maybe is the most important point of this whole exercise.

Anyway, I'll add a strange preface where I'll basically say: "I wrote this book. I don't believe much of what I said anymore. Maybe you will. I could have been right before and wrong now. Or maybe I was wrong before and right now. Either way, I hope you enjoy my arguments for why mysticism is the only way to know ultimate reality."

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