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March 17, 2013


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WTF? I just viewed this a minute ago, I was the 2nd viewer, I was just about to send this to you Brian.

I find it quite interesting that Gurinder forbids any photography or video. I suppose it's his perogative; his right maybe....then again, he is somewhat of a celebrity and must expect that people will want to capture him. If OK magazine approached him; how much do you think he would charge for an exclusive?

Brian- i thought Gurinder had 'powers' that would prevent such things.
He has several security guards (I believe you were one in the mid 90's), why does he need them? Is it to create 'seva'?

Please inform me Brian.

Short Sikh with shades?

Hey Tara,

Are you proficient in punjabi?

I'm based in the UK, Sikhs are very opposed to RS here, they did a show on RS last July, check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhEdhDPHvgE

A lot of the information is incorrect, they are very harsh, however they do present some interesting issues.

Your Out Boy, I wasn't really a security guard. More of a security sevadar. At the time Gurinder Singh did have both. I assume these were needed because he needs security. But I'm sure devotees could come up with loftier suppositions.

I don't recall the Bible speaking of Jesus as having security. Didn't work very well, if he had it. Personally, though, I'm coming to look upon gurus as running a business: that of gurudom. They offer a product to their followers.

Viewed in that light, gurus are entitled to what other successful business types get: money, fame, security guards, all that stuff.

..............Besides--NO PAPER TRAIL-then there is absolutely no criticism of a "PLM"-JL

WHY would Jesus H. Christ need security anyway??????????????

Answer: Jesus H. Christ wants to "pass" as a "normal" human being--or HE might get shot!!!-JL.

Yes, Jesus had security. "Jesus asked them, "When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?" "Nothing," they answered. He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. It is written: `And he was numbered with the transgressors' ; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment." The disciples said, "See, Lord, here are two swords." "That is enough," he replied. (Luke 22:35-38, NIV)

Also, Peter cut off a slave's ear with a sword when Jesus was arrested.

Of course, John Davidson and Charan would say this was all symbology for Jesus giving the slave the shabd when he healed his ear.

I do not see any reason why it should be a problem if someone does not to be filmed or taped.

watched you tube posted by gaz. I see those guys did not really have much to discuss. couple of them even looked scared in front of the cameras. But tried to put up brave front. pretty much petty and baseless discussions. Fortunately I do understand Punjabi even though I am not.

Can you see the difference regarding the Gurinder Singh in the video you have posted and the Gurinder Singh in this below video?

It looks like the one you have posted is not Gurinder Singh. Looks too short and lanky to be Gurinder. Whereas this video posted below is Gurinder Singh. Can anyone spot the difference?


Thanks Tara. Looked at both videos again, and GSD does look short when standing next to Badal. Cheers.

Wonder what all the ruckus in the first video is about? looks like GSD pleading for something. The video I posted also shows GSD's awkwardness once Badal comes into the picture.

Good point about the height. I've met him, shaken hands, stood near him, and he's quite tall.

Brothers and sisters..we have never appreciated any Gurus who have been telling us the reality of life and death . All 9 gurus were hindus and khalsa were just the soldiers created by 10th Guru to fight Mughals and their oppressions. We are a mix of hindus and muslims,so to speak. A sikh simply follows his Gurus instruction to meditate on Lords name . If we were in the time of previous gurus, it is no surprise we would be calling them frauds just like now.

Any righteous person would even scorn at the idea of attending a public meeting or a funeral gathering of a politician. In India most of the politicians are very corrupt and Badals family (current political ruling family of Punajb) are known for their corruption and mishandling. If Gurinder Singh is a really an enlightened person, he should utilize his time in a better way. The only reason he is attending the funeral is because, it seems, he wants to strengthen his political connections.

i trust my sant sat guru Charan singh ji maharaj for his choice.

You guys have too much time on your hands. The message is to sit. Then see who is the true guru within. Then you know who He is. Hines you are so obsessed with hate for the Master really makes me think that you will finally merge into him. For as you know obsession of love or hate on a single thing only draws you to that thing so much you become it.
So you have a role to play I guess. Maybe its too be a gatekeeper of genuine seekers and satsangis.

Yeah Brian you big bully, you hate Gurinder so much, what has he ever done to you?

Brian doesn't feel the same way for Charan.

Sage seeker, what makes you think I hate Gurinder Singh? I don't. I hardly ever even think of the guy. Mostly it is when someone brings him up in a blog comment, like you have, or when someone sends me an email about him, as happened before I put up this blog post.

As noted before, leaving a religious organization is a lot like getting divorced. At first you think quite a bit about the person/entity you were connected with for so long, but it doesn't take long to forget about them.

Blogger Brian:- well said and unlike some divorces there is hardly a chance one will bump into Gurinder Singh at your local pub/grocery store and have those awkward moments.

All is well that ends well.. The end is to see the god who's unseen and seeing him actually means feeling him. So that's the end. If we sit for meditation we might experience the divine power within us but if we keep blabbering and not putting our thoughts into action nothing will happen. will only crib and be frustrated for not feeling the eternal bliss and the result of the frustration is being skeptical about gurus who come to enlighten us.

If I feel hungry and I don't make the desired efforts to get up and walk up to the food I can never stuff my empty stomach. I might think no food exist in the kitchen or utensils might be empty and I keep abusing my maid or my family who dint cook for me. I'll be the loser, as I am food deprived and will starve until I actually see if the food is there in the kitchen or not. So instead of arguing about the path just start treading on it and see for urself if its true or not.

Baba Gurinder singh ji is not contradicting himself or his predecessors. As the world is changing he wants us to be more practical and makes more efforts towards meditation. He doesnt want us to miss even a single day without meditation that's why he says don't be under the illusion of 4 births as this might be our 4th and last birth who knows so do it now!

Baba Gurinder Singh Ji also says that with our efforts we cannot reach at Sachkhand because he wants us to be more positive and doesnt want us to be disheartened wen we don't experience the divine power within ourselves. Listening to the divine sound and seeing the light depends on how pure we are or we become in the due course. Its not a child's play or a cakewalk. So he says keep meditating and make your guru happy, he'll definitely enlighten you but keep meditating and don't lose hopes if you don't see anything. He is not contradicting his predecessors by saying that.

suniel, thanks for your thoughts. But you don't make any sense.

Lots of Sant Mat/RSSB initiatives have indeed put in the required effort. They've done the "experiment" of meditation and the other vows just as instructed.

So, please, don't preach. You don't know what you're talking about. You're just repeating dogma.

Using your analogy... if someone walks to a refrigerator, opens the door, and finds no food inside, they'd be stupid to stand there, getting more and more hungry, at the same refrigerator.

Different people find spiritual "food" in different ways. I'm enjoying the tastiness of that food now, having learned that the RSSB/Sant Mat refrigerator didn't contain what I needed to enjoy a meaningful iife.

If you are enjoying your spiritual sustenance, great. Just realize, like I said, that there are many ways, many paths, many sources of wisdom, meaning, and love in life.

Don't be so quick to judge. Don't be so quick to assume that your way is the only way. Because it isn't.

You say, "Baba Gurinder singh ji is not contradicting himself or his predecessors. As the world is changing he wants us to be more practical and makes more efforts towards meditation."

- In what respects has the world changed since GSD took over in 1990?
- What do you mean by "more practical"?

Whatever we think of it . . .

It's an amazing non- paparazzi performance of Gurinder
It's quite impossible to do that

although my idea is that he does nothing
it's all done for him


the video has disappeared! Oy vay! I cannot watch it!

Idk man I agree that radha soami does feel kinda fake. My mom is a major devotee to the baba and even calls him as God. One day it was the first day of 6th grade and my mom started reciting the "karo beinti" kirtan and I went to school. I came back with a 95.75 avg when I was near 7th grade.
I didn't recite it at tge beginning if 7th grade and dropped avg to a 80. So the rssb helped me but didn't help you guys because I guess you gotta put your own power in it.

datechkid found a part of the clue

ji only said u i and they r nothing, he wants only 2/30hr meditatation meditation or meditation

Ten gurus were not Hindu.
Hinduism is very bad.
Hinduism does worship trees,water
. Enimals,stons,
Ten gurus were not accepted Hinduism

May I just say that everyone of you writing on these blogs is a fool.

The ones you criticise or intellectually comment on - are getting on with their lives.

Satsanghis have no compassion, empathy so why the hell discuss them

Whosoever is reaching to the conclusion that its not the right path,they dont see anything as per told in meditation process. ... they should come to know about so many people who get to see and listen after getting initiated. ... Its written in holy books god manifests in form of guru ... they r not here to show the worldly powers but for the real and everlasting love ... if one is not getting to see things then definately there is obstacle of their karmas

So if u cant walk on the path then atleast have the respect not to criticise it ... u dont see doesn't necessarily means things do not exists

Some people here on this blog say things so full of intellect and knowledge that half of the things go over my head. Sneha, you need to be a lot more convincing...

I saw another video yesterday... It was probably from a cctv footage. I just mailed its Url to science of the soul research centre.

I have beginning to feel that non-satsangis are better people than so-called satsangis, and animals are still better than human beings. Animals never forget if you feed them, they speak their gratitude with their eyes. Satsangis are always planning and manipulating mischievously for their own interest.

lol... I was going through this interesting blog. And really found Harry's comments pretty much what I thought while going through it... He is so righ

"Brothers and sisters..we have never appreciated any Gurus who have been telling us the reality of life and death . All 9 gurus were hindus and khalsa were just the soldiers created by 10th Guru to fight Mughals and their oppressions. We are a mix of hindus and muslims,so to speak. A sikh simply follows his Gurus instruction to meditate on Lords name . If we were in the time of previous gurus, it is no surprise we would be calling them frauds just like now."

What happened to the Jesus? Didn't people at that time crucified him? Now they say He was GOD himself... wasn't he in ordinary human body?
Didn't people of their time rejected Kabir and Guru Nanak?
So no wonder if people are repeating the same :)

How is it that the path teaches us to be peaceful. Give our other cheek. But the gurus were themselves leading armies that killed people?

Because all eastern religions are poor imitations of Jesus and influenced by bad entities. That's why.

Brother and sisters one thing I want to say that you all are discuss about the Radha swami guru and about his truthnes. Some out of you said that if I open the refrigerator and food is not there so we should come back immediately.

My friend your example is not suits to this topic.God is not like a food.

If finding a god as simple as you said then everyone has found. You all know that if you are Indian that before many years ago when people did meditation they spend many years continuously. I think you all have seen Ramayana and other religious programmes on television.

So conclusion is, it is the path of trust on your Guru. I don't say that trust blindely. Think logically and choose your Guru and way.
At last i want to tell you that we don't have power to find the Guru, if we are blessed by God then he send true Guru in our life.

I cant believe you

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