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March 10, 2013


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I really like this post Brian.

Yes, meditation is very beneficial whichever method one chooses to engage in. For me, my practice involves pranyam ..... watching the breath. Also enjoy meditating outdoors in nature.

Later this month I will be attending a ten-day Vipassana meditation retreat. If the results are interesting, I will let you know.

Here where I live in the UK the psychology department is studying mindfullness and its effects using the latest brain scanning equipment. They also run courses on mindfullness which they teach to professionals in all walks of life - including politicians (there's hope yet!)

The contents of this blog "Think less,sense more" can perhaps throw light on previous blogs where our comments get hung-up on 'experiencing things as they are'.

As pointed out above:-
"We can focus on the world with our attentional magnifying glass set in two broad modes: We can mainly attend to the thoughts, ideas, facts, and so on that relate to other mental events or what our senses are picking up; or we can simply attend to our senses directly, passively absorbing the experience without thoughts."

Okay, so everything is experienced through the brain - but how more real things are when we do not engage in a continual mental dialogue about them.

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