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March 04, 2013


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Wisdom is knowing the difference.

Knowing the difference between what can be verified and what can't is good, but there are people who hear voices and experience mental events that to us are bizarre and unlikely, and many of them are more engaged than most people, despite how marginalized or despised they may be. I'm not advocating nuttiness, mind you, but there is something to be said for people who go their own way. They're beyond arguing and they go about their wackiness with more courage and integrity than most people, so I don't always know whether to raise the scientific standard or to salute their courageous lunacy.

probably as a result of reading your blog, I've been reading a couple of brain books. I allowed myself to imagine that all my uniqueness is just permutation 10 to the xx of 4 letters. For at least a little, let go of the idea I have a soul. It does change you thinking a bit.
I also allowed myself to think of reading new research as a software update.

Ultra Monk, I love the idea of reading as a brain software update. Wow. You've changed my whole outlook on taking TIME magazine into the bathtub. Thanks.

As I've noted before, I like the idea that I could be a computer simulation. Being the "software" of the brain is the next best thing, I guess. Who needs a soul? Anyway, my software could program itself a soul.

Oh... that's what religion does. I knew somebody already would have thought of that.

Hi Brian, I agree it is just simpler and bigger programming than you think ;) See Krishnamurti.

Salig Ram, Founder of Radhasoami Faith
and Swedish Mystic Swedenborg

Salig Ram was known to have a complete
set of Emanuel Swedenborg's occult writtings.

Why would Salig Ram have a set of books that the
Swedish Freemason's used to help draw up their
initiations ?

It was known Salig Ram initiated a viceroy
and had many English friends in high places.

Swedenborg said channeling of spirits was
indeed real. But, he said they almost
always give deceptive advice. He called
these demons liars. He said they made stuff
up as they went along.
(Even atheist Freud seriously considered
these type of events as nothing to pass
off casually.)

Salig Ram rose through the ranks of English
hirarchy rapidly in India to become Postmaster
General of Uttar Pradesh.

He obtained jobs for much of Swami Ji's
family in postal related work.

Freemason's are sworn to give other Freemasons
jobs before all other applicants.

Yet, I can find no connection between Salig Ram's
new Radhasoami religion and Freemasonry.

But, Salig Ram would have indeed initiated
some Freemasons. Freemason's are very cultic.

It seems like some Freemason could have been
initiated by Salig Ram. Such as the viceroy,

This Freemason could have turned around and adopted
Salig Ram as a friend.

This is just a possibility.

I think the problem with religion is that it refuses to update. If humans evolve then there should be re-interpretations to wisdom or truth experiences. That is, interpretation of the bible (gita or sutra) or jesus should be a software update.

The finite world is an expression of the laws of the infinite nature as it is the totality within the endless totality.

You know, I don't even know if I believe what I just wrote but it is more of connecting to a feeling, something maybe intuitive in nature that I sense within. I feel that in the world of form there are metaphors echoing out within itself and mirroring the nature of the unseen cosmos that we can't see.

I remember when I was a young child laying on a grass field looking up at the clouds in the sky and wondering if these white swirling mist of mystery were God's writings in some kind of an encrypted code. Such beautiful inquiry that comes forth from the heart and mind of an innocent child. To sense the awesomeness, and commune with nature's wonders is so amazing. Forget the words that rise in speculation, but live in that magic feeling within. Always wonder, always be curious. Let not temporary knowledge smother the child within.

quote Shawn
"Such beautiful inquiry that comes forth from the heart and mind of an innocent child. To sense the awesomeness, and commune with nature's wonders is so amazing. Forget the words that rise in speculation, but live in that magic feeling within. Always wonder, always be curious. Let not temporary knowledge smother the child within. "

Krishnamurti would have adopted you
immediately if he heard that.

I used to watch him stand by a stream near Santa Paula, CA and just look into the water at the pebbles beneath the ripples.

The impossible is possible. It seems impossible that HERE and NOW is our
direct link with eternity.


"There is both more and less to reality than we perceive. It is easy to be fooled into believing that we know something universal about the World Out There when actually what we're aware of is part of the much more limited World In Here (the confines of the human brain)."

So why should we believe that the mystic claimant's experiences reflect something of the World Out There, and not something of the World In Here, given no additional evidence beyond their own claims?

mike3, excellent question. I believe it is more likely that mystic experiences do indeed mostly, if not completely, reflect the World in Here. Meaning, they are real, but only reflect a personal reality.

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