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March 06, 2013


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"I felt like I easily understood what Hood was saying. "I" am the brain. "Me" is the brain. "Self" is the brain."

----Next question: Where inside the brain, does the I, Me, Self occur? Is it all throughout the brain, or on the left or right side? Oh,, there is the front and back too.

Hi Roger.

In Hood's book 'The Self Delusion' he says most people locate the 'me' in the centre of the forehead, about 3-4" back. I feel it nearer the front than that, only an inch or so back (perhaps I'm lacking depth!!)

But the important message is that our identities emerge from memories and experiences.

Apparently we are what our society, culture and instilled beliefs made us - how do we get out of tht one!

Thanks Turan,

Yes, our identities can/could emerge from memories, experiences, etc. In addition, it could be true that what we are, comes from society, culture and various beliefs. Furthermore, the identity could, in some way, come from a default setting inside the brain too.

Most people could locate the 'me' 3-4 inches back, but where the 'me' indenty is created, in the brain, is a very fascinating science issue. Maybe, it is such from various areas throughout the brain.

Another area of interesting discussion, is the area of the brain, where 'thinking inside the box' occurs. Likewise, where in the brain, does thinking 'outside' the box occur? True, the 'box' term is just an expression. But, it would make interesting talk to discuss the biochemical/neuron activity right at the suface of the box. That is, what happens, in the brain, when one trancends the inside to the outside of the box?

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