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March 30, 2013


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You look like that silly flyer that gets stuffed in everyone's door - the one from jw.org.

Jim, you are SO right. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll update this post with a image of a Jehovah's Witnesses flyer that shows Jesus. Only thing is, I looked more like Jesus than Jesus did! (Having longer hair and beard.)

If Jesus was portrayed as the Jew he actually was, I wonder how many racist, anti-semitic Christians would abandon the faith.

Nice video - there's hope for the human race yet.

Considering how falsely Christians portray Jesus, they ought to do as the Muslims and proscribe all image-making of their lord.

Just stumbled across your site here, and I would say it's a "Godsend", but that wouldn't fly would it? ;) Last week some Jehovah's Witlesses come to the door and handed me the same flyer. My reaction to it was to immediately get a pen and to draw a scraggly black beardon Jesus, long, curly black hair, and a few moles. I had to make it accurate. You know he didn't look anything like that picture there. For Pete's sake, he looks like Ewan MacGregor as Obi Wan in those other 3 Star Wars movies... Anyways, love the website. Seems to me like believing in nothing takes quite a bit of something, hrrm? Kudos to you, friend.

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