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February 12, 2013


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More information about this rabbit hole can be found watching this;


There were more than one rabbit hole with LSD.
Paper acid and orange sunshine, pure pharma grade
from Sandoz. Of course all of us here know
the difference from experience. I was just
reading David Crosbys book and how he survived
jail and drugs and financial ruin.

Of course we had all the gurus as a result.
From Jiddu Krishnamuti to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
We searched for answers.

We came to the obvious conclusion there is no God,
no afterlife and not even a self which could have
ever become enlightened. Not even a soul.
It was all a hoax.

Now we look forward to absolute death, never
to re awaken.

The countries of the world are now dominated by
the most sophisticated financial criminals
in the greatest ponzi scheme of all time.

So stange is this world, even enlightened people
are caught up in this trap and wholeheatedly
support it.

So now we find even enlightenment has nothing to do
with being moral and good.

The rabbit hole is something few people experience.
The rabbit hole has nothing to do with nihilism
of complete despair.

The rabbit hole scares the living hell out of
enlightened people. For it is not to much to
loose the notion of a self, or afterlife.

But, to give up the love of a corrupt system
is the final journey. The final crutch is
kicked out from beneath a person.

Only then is the extent of the true bottom
to the rabbit hole seen.

Only those with a pure and honest heart can
deal with it. Only they have true courage.

And only the pure in heart know what happens
after the dark night of the soul.

The believer and the unbeliever
are running around in the same box.

The satsangi and the exsatsangi are
two sides of the same coin.

It never occurs to either to climb
outside this box and look for Something
Else as a solution.

Speculation takes the form of strong
opinions. It actually blocks us from
seeing things as they are.

In fact we know nothing and can do nothing.

Out of this vacuum arises Something Else
to fill the void.

I don't see how an enlightened person (I'll just take that to mean a wise man) could be influenced by money. Most such people live simply and unnoticed. Ramana Maharshi lived in poverty for years in a cave before people came to him in any great numbers - even then he declined to speak much to them. Nisargadatta was an ordinary shop keeper. Papaji was an army officer. None of them were rich or at all interested in hob-nobbing with the well to do.

As for "The rabbit hole scares the living hell out of enlightened people": Neem Karoli Baba consumed 4 300mic doses of acid given him by Ram Dass (who I presume had access to the good stuff) and according to Dass it had no noticeable effect.

Ram Das was quite a character. I lived
in a condo on Ocean Bl. in
Long Beach CA only a few blocks from him.

My first experience on LSD, Sandoz Pharma,
Swiss mfg, was Orange Sunshine, on
the Long Beach Pier, just steps from his house.

Try Ramesh Balsekar, Nisargadatta's disciple's books, for best jnani ever

Ran Dass was so messed up on LSD, he got
on TV and told the commentator he believed
humans would be on Mars in his lifetime.

Richard Alpert ? was his name, a psychologist.

I find Richard Alpert / Ram Dass pretty lucid actually. Of course he had a stroke in 1997 and now suffers aphasia, which if you don't know better is easy to attribute to his rather extensive experience of psychedelics.

If I remember correctly a lot of more qualified people thought the same about a manned Mars mission. And it's still possible in his lifetime, though not very probable :-)

It's possible Ram Dass only needs to survive another 10 years!


You say, "If it is up to us to choose what life is all about, if existence precedes essence, if there is no solid objectively real foundation to the cosmos we can stand on, then seemingly we enter a whirlpool realm of absurdity, nausea, no exit's, angst, and a lot of strong coffee consumed while smoking filterless cigarettes in Paris coffee houses, talking about the meaningful meaninglessness of life."

So your humanistic thoughts are trying to reveal a meaning within yourselves, when the answer lies not within, but outside of ourselves - in the Lord God of the Bible.

Ask yourselves the question: "Why do we have a 7 day week?"
Answer: "Because God set it up that way in the beginning." (book of Genesis in the Bible)

Why do you exist: "Because God created you in the beginning." (book of Genesis in the Bible)

Who are you: "God created you to give Him glory."

Your reasonings and musings through your muddled sense of philosophical thinking has you believing there is no God and therefore you are the only one that can see what the meaning of life is all about.

But not true when you come to the truth of what the Bible says and when you finally come to the realization that God did create everything in the beginning.

You will NEVER find meaning (or non-meaning) in life until you come to see God as the reality of all things. (John 14:6 - "I am the way, the truth and the life.")

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