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February 04, 2013


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"...Almost every spiritual tradition recognizes that a point comes when two things must happen: man must surrender his separate feeling "I," and must face the fact that he cannot know, that is, define the ultimate."

Yes, and that surrender and fact facing is done by "me".

I guess it's like when someone says, "My craving for chocolate has made me gain weight. I wish I didn't like chocolate so much."

Makes sense in English. Not so much in reality.

Where's this mysterious "I" who doesn't like what "me" does? How many distinct people are inside our heads and body anyway?

Who's asking?

"Where's this mysterious "I" who doesn't like what "me" does?"

It isn't as mysterious as confusing. Critical thinking reviews current events, and its review is informed by its record of past events. That is, the past is responding to the present; old knowledge is responding to new information. This interface between old and new is the I/me experience.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. in "Cats Cradle" sums it nicely:
"Tiger got to hunt
Bird got to fly
Man got to sit and wonder
Why, Why, Why?

Tiger got to sleep
Bird got to land
Man got to tell himself
He Understand."

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