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February 22, 2013


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"For there is no joy in continuity, in the perpetual. We desire it only because the present is empty... We do not really want continuity, but rather a present experience of total happiness. The thought of wanting such an experience to go on and on is the result of being self-conscious in the experience, and thus incompletely aware of it.
quote Watts

Now days Ramesh Balsekar is the new Watts.

But, heaven, or hell ... would not the worst
situation be non experiencing ?

Non experiencing is no fun. Our greatest fear.
To never ever experience again.

No plants, no trees, no animals, no
blue sky, no cold Budweiser.

Wait a minute ... no cold Budweiser !!!!!!!!!!

Gurinder.... hold on ......
I am coming back !!!!!!!!

"We do not really want continuity, but rather a present experience of total happiness."
quote Watts (and U. G. Krishnamurti )

It seems all happiness comes from
experience. Happiness is an experience.

Therefore, we want experience to continue
first, because without it, we cannot be

Even the selfless person prefers experience
over non experience after death.

The question is, what is it in us that
prefers experience ?

"Our longing for eternal life is fine. That longing is easily fulfilled. The mistake lies in believing that eternity is endless individual existence, rather than the everlasting present moment."


"Alan Watts in a nutshell: each present moment is eternity"

...especially when in the presence of a voluble religious person.

Have you read "journey of souls" by Dr. Michael Newton? It's a pretty interesting concept of past life regression and life between lives which we experience as a soul, I would be interested to get your feedback on it.

Hi Nick,
Why don't you tell us what he said if

Mike, here's the link to the website, it's a good read and I would highly recommend reading Michael Newtons books especially journey of souls and destiny of souls


In trying to understand why religious nuts are attracted to this blog, I wonder if it might have to do with the name, Church of the Churchless. Might it be that "spiritual" people who distinguish themselves from church-goers, think this is the place to congregate?

Thanks Nick,
I will read it.

Note: In the next weeks and months
I would like to explain why I consider
mindfulness extremely dangerous. Why
I consider enlightened people extremely
dangerous to society. Why I hate
the Zen bastard hypocrites.

This will not make me popular with
exsatsangis. As I will also explain
why exsatsangis were more deluded
and stupid than they could have
ever imagined.

Why I consider satsangi and exsatsangis
caught in the web of hypnotism.

Why they are both deluded.

Hey Mike...I would love to know what you have to say on the dangers of mindfulness....I am an ex-satsangi as you may have gathered but am still prone to bouts of delusion and stupidity....looking forward to getting educated at your convenience.

Alan Watts/Buddhism/Taoism/Advaita/etc.

in a nutshell, imo..

Losing oneself in what is here is realizing that "Here" is what one is.

It could be said different ways but all just as simply.

Yeah, Mike, me too...the Zen bastard hypocrites laid waste to our village and made off with our wives, all because of their goddam mindfulness. Looking forward to whatever you can say to make me feel better about my wretched condition and those rotten scoundrels.

Hey The9thGate,

I have been busy man, I want to communicate with you regarding RS, i give Brian Hines permission to send my email address over to you.


Hi 9th Gate and CC,
Yes, I am very very negative on mindfulnesss.
Biggest mistake you can make. The Zen have the
worst scandals for a reason, although I love
Alan Watts. If you read Alan Watts carefully,
he debunks Zen. He did a brilliant job.
He turns it around and sets it straight.
Incredibly clever fellow.

Why don't I like mindfulness ? I spent years
with the Gurdjieff Ouspensky group practising
mindfulness. Every thought and eventually
every dream !!! They had techniques for even
watching every word you said. They even went
beyond this and banished every emotion.

Thought and emotion drained energy from the
transformation of this energy into a higher
energy. P. D. Ouspensky was a scientist
and had mapped out the inner planes.

They believed your so called astral and causal
were only in a neophite nebulous stage, unformed.
The trick was to save thought and emotion energy
and transform the astral and causal into a rock
solid entity, which could survive death.

They believed like Nietzsche in eternal recurrance,
with the twist the more conscious you become
in each life the better off you will be,
until you finally become fully conscious and
break the chain of eternal rebirth.

Beyond the causal to the higher dimensions.

Of course master jnani Ramana Maharshi said
a higher Force will enter and come down,
opening the centers from top down.
This Something Else he stated he could
transfer to his disciples. People mistake
the higher self for the Something else.

There is no higher self, there is only Something
Else. Something Else is NEVER YOU.

Ramana said it was not necessary to go
from the bottom up, such as kundalini.

Ramana was right and the Zen and Gurdjieff
people were wrong.

Ramana approached the self as a joke.

The Zen try to kill the self with a cannon,
instead of chasing it away with a broomstick.

The Something Else is an incredible flow
of pure compassion. It has no rules nor
regulations, no worship, no religion.
There is really nothing that can be said about it,
so it can't be preached on a street corner.
A Guru would never fathom it.

Something Else has a method to its madness.

Notice all the horrible people who practice
Radhasoami and Zen, etc. Do they really think
they can mask their truly horrid nature
from Something Else ?

These people all look for a method of practice.
They whitewash their evil with form.

The Heart of Compassion knows no practice, no way
and no means.

It is only a direct contact here and now.

Have you noticed that people from India often
state India is the most corrupt country in the
world ?

With all their religion and Gurus, they are
worse then Mexico.

Selflessness, enlightenment, may or may not
help humanity. If the person is still
ignorant and hynotised they may be as dangerous
as before.

The hypnotic spell not only covers the self,
it colors our daily lives. So, seeing there is no self is just one little piece of the puzzle. Our lives can still be disasterous.

Only the Heart, the Something Else, provides
the final solution. Enlightenment is kids stuff for demented cold blooded Zen freaks.

"If all men were angels, there would be no need for government."
quote Thomas Jefferson

Wow, Mike! Your nuttiness is really inspiring!

Mike:- thank you for your prompt reply. This Something Else you speak of....is it something I can encounter? Can you tell me more about Something Else please?

Hi 9th Gate,

Something Else can only be
touched right here and
right now.

Ramana Maharshi explains it
as a Force coming down through
the top of the head into
the higher heart chakra.

Nothing else is needed to be
accomplished, nor can anything
more ever be accomplished.

Something Else is completely
and totally competent.

Its modus operandi is to help
the world, not make people

It knows the future and knows
what needs to be done.

It sits directly on the top
of the middle of the head.

How do you find your missing hat
when it is sitting out of your eye
sight ..... on your head ?

All you can do is Feel it.

Right here and right now, in whatever
condition you are in. There are no
prerequisites. No stages, or steps.

Then you make absolutely no effort
to change your life in any way.

What needs to be changed will happen
without you even being aware of it.
But, you will change little.

Instead, the world will change around you.

All you can do is watch Something Else
do its magic.

Since the past or the future is controlling you, you don't know how to enjoy the present moment – which is the most important time of your life. https://youtu.be/F5fGW7aq9cQ

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