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January 23, 2013


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Very true. Mindfulness meditation was not rescued from religiousness and "supernatural illusion" -- it never contained those elements as taught by Siddartha ("Buddha").

As hard as you are on religion, Brian, it seems you are lashing out at the particular brand of superstition you once practiced, and lumping all spiritual endeavor into the same superstitious, useless lump.

Nevertheless, as you have noted several times, neuroscience is just now coming to terms with the meaning of the idea of there being no internal, physical locus of the self. The self, a scientist would say, is an emergent property of the body/mind complex. Congratulations! Buddhism already knew all about it through the practice of mindfulness meditation.

Superstition is useless; but all spirituality is not based on superstition. There is at least one spiritual path that does not lead to self-delusion; it is a good idea to avail yourself of that ancient technology of mindfulness.

"There is at least one spiritual path that does not lead to self-delusion; it is a good idea to avail yourself of that ancient technology of mindfulness."

A "path" can be a pathology. Mindfulness isn't achieved or arrived at by going this way or that. It's simply stopping in your tracks and attending to what is. There's nothing "spiritual" about it.

cc, I stand corrected. There is, indeed, nothing "spiritual" about it.

It is as spiritual as one feels it.

What IS spiritual(ity)?

What is NOT spiriual(ity)?

I find mindfulness very spiritual because one can't fake things.
One finds ,feels, experiences what IS there in the moment.
I find that very spiritual.

Or is that a word not to be used?
Same with the word God or should we say Cosmos or Universe or the Unknowing or Creator or Nothingness or Everythingness
Emptiness or Fulness?
Or beginning or Shabd or Space or Wholeness
or Big Bang?

It is also what we give at the words we use.

In Buddhism vipassana they say we have no soul.
But he, we have Buddha nature.What is the difference?

Or we call it Conciousness.

Same with Ego or self ore Self..
self as little self and/or Self The Self..

Or waves ..


That makes everything easy,no words ;)

But experiences..

Nice I can say this in words..everything is a contradiction..everything has many sides many meanings many interpretations..

Hi there! I’m quite sure that I have something that I can connect and interject, my book is about relevant lessons from my journey towards self-realization. Tried and tested by my activism during my grassroots movement to uphold democracy, I realized that the vigor of my convictions and capacity to uphold freedom was driven by my belief in my inner being. My strong sense of my personal responsibility to protect individual freedom led me to explore and test my inner capacity to sustain the spirit of freedom. I daresay, I launched a democracy movement in order to test my inner capacity to realize my ability to protect what is owed and natural to me in my body, mind, spirit and soul. The desire to be free is a soul searching self-realization.
Our advocacy is to promote change for the better through self-realization we express the natural genius and open our minds to feel the flow of life energy as it courses through us. By experiencing the life form in its true creative genius we connect to our body, mind and spirit as it was meant to be. The learning from our inner experience in meditation allows us to know who we are. In meditation, we reevaluate life and are inspire ourselves to experience more fully our best selves.
Help us, visit our website at http://www.iamthechangeiseek.org and also http://www.goodreads.com/kathleensuneja
Thank you and have a great day!

To understand the essence of the nature of reality is something so simple, obvious and natural that scientists, psychologists, academics, scholars and philosophers miss it in droves.

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