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January 05, 2013


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Meaning is entirely dependent on context (or one's frame of reference).

The letters k, i, c, d are meaningless scribbles on their own, but are recognised as symbols by speakers of english. These letters can be arranged into a particular sequence that spells "dick".

The word 'dick' could either mean someone's pecker, someone's name or an objectionable someone.

The meaning of life to:

- to a mystic is self-realisation, to uncover one's true nature, which is supposedly the nature of everything.

- to a scientifically-minded skeptic (or atheist) there is no meaning, its completely random, and meaning is whatever one might choose it to be (victor frankl).

- to the religious, is to live according to the moral rules of their religion.

- to the hedonist, is the pursuit of pleasure

- to the sadist or masochist, is the giving or receiving of pain

- to the gene, its self-replication

- to the phenotype, its survival and reproduction.

- to the bullshitter, its too bullshit til the cows come home.

thank you kindly.

I feel my life has purpose and I live that purpose every day. It's to be. To experience whatever it is. I put a quote onto my own blog that kind of fits your topic. "If we can let go, relax and fall into the center of now, we can encounter directly the freedom that we have all been seeking." Adyashanti

It's on my calendar for January and suits how I think life has to be lived at all ages and in all experiences. Be there fully as it's really all we have-- the moment. It's the purpose of life to live that moment. We get too busy thinking about yesterday or tomorrow and miss what actually is.

"If we can let go, relax and fall into the center of now, we can encounter directly the freedom that we have all been seeking."

Who can say what "we have all been seeking"? All anyone can honestly say is that they're seeking or they're not. Sometimes life seems purposeful and sometimes it seems pointless and absurd. Why be obsessed with happiness, purpose, finding, etc.? How ever you live your life, how ever life treats you or beats you up, you die, so keep in mind as you kick the can of death down the road of life that you're just blowin' smoke and whistlin' Dixie. .

I just discovered Julian Bagini last week, and I find his thinking to be considerate and thoughtful (he is a philosopher after all :-)

Have you read his Heathen's Manifesto?


I found it fascinating. I may have to pick up one of his books.

I enjoy Baggini's books and agree with his observations that some 'spiritual practices' are another form of self-gratification and egotistical'- perhaps many of us have been down that road. I would say though that understanding the 'self' could be a less egotistical pursuit.
Perhaps in realising what the 'self' is, how it is constructed and how it is forever using any conceptual device to maintain its 'self' is more honest?
Yes, the 'ego self' seems able to make an identity out of anything - even 'no self'.

"the 'ego self' seems able to make an identity out of anything - even 'no self'"

Yes, no-self is the ultimate. Have you achieved it? Have you arrived? Well, I have and I can tell you it's worse than any self you can come up with. No-self is so horrible that if I'm not concocting a new self every moment, my suffering is unbearable. But don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself.


I believe that you have indeed found the meaning of life and you are living it well right now, your blog is your mission as you seek for answers to the meaning of life and you teach other seekers of truth what you have found so far,
as your life continues your views change accordingly and this too is expressed in your blog and so more of the meaning of life is revealed to you and then more to others like you,
life is different to every individual so your views will not be what others may experience or believe, but this is ok since it is supposed to be different,
the journey is the point and when it is figured out (assuming in reincarnation to life after life) then you will no longer need to return to this planet and will go on to the next adventure and continue to add to "All that Is"

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