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January 11, 2013


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Every guru is a tyrant until you've learned to inquire and find out for yourself what it is to be human. The guru may incite or inspire you to find out for yourself, but that's the beginning and end of his function.

And therefore, a tyrannical ego is a qualification for guruhood? I think it is a disqualification, in fact. Maybe you could become enlightened by being abused for years by almost anyone, and maybe to some extent you can view your ordeal as a kind of guru principle in action. But that does not make every torturer a guru, bliss-entrainer or not. There is no shortage of examples of people who can quote the dharma but do not follow it. These people are fine; but they are not gurus. Someone who can quote lots of dharma about defeating the ego, but has pictures of himself on books defending himself.... um, not a guru.

What you say may be perfectly true, cc -- but it has little to do with Andrew Cohen. It's okay, though, in America this type of character is everywhere, and though scum he is entitled to be true to his scummy nature. Though it is galling to watch, I suppose I can always avert my gaze. But train wrecks are so compelling...

Did you ever hear Andrew Cohen's falsetto voice? Even if he spoke the absolute truth, I would never be able to process the message....

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