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December 16, 2012


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Mike Williams wrote something on this blog not too long ago that seems to fit in with Uchiyama's message:

"People with no self do not see any other
selves around them. All they see is movement
with no movers.

Within this non personal movement of the
world pain occurs in particular places.

Since the person whom has realized no self
also sees no self in others, EVERYTHING
has become the Self of this person.

All experiences of all types are now the total person. EVERYTHING is the person.
A selfless person automatically has oneness
with everything, because the person sees
themself as EVERYTHING.

So you may see a person in whom pain is occuring and help the person.
But, a selfless one helps the pain, which he sees as his pain, not the pain of another.
The selfless person is very selfish, because he helps only himself in the world.

He loves only himself, which includes
EVERYTHING. All animals, plants, skies,
water are contained in the selfless one.
The selfless person sees nothing but
his Self everywhere.

Oneness is not a means to an end, oneness
is the end product of the realization
of no self.

They identify with EVERYTHING they experience as them Self. Therefore,
they have compassion on EVERYTHING.

Duality exists in form and these individual forms experience pain.
The self cannot experience pain, because it does not exist."

Thanx Brian,

For the heads up on this book. Just ordered a copy for myself.

Goodlooking out


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