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December 02, 2012


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If this is what you consider gratifying feedback, you need to raise the bar. Do you really take comfort in angry, vulgar, inarticulate rants against what you decry?

cc, I thought the guy was pretty darn articulate. Hey, I'd go so far as to say pretty darn fucking articulate.

Anyway, anyone who denies the reality of his/her mind and body deserves ridicule.

As noted by my correspondent, nondual "pure awareness" requires just as much blind faith as "Jesus saves." Nobody ever has seen evidence of either, but lots of people believe in each.

I'm not defending non-duality...just taking offense at the use of coarse language in supposedly civilized discourse. It's more muddling than clarifying. Face to face, sensing someone's anger is crucial, but if I want to express my anger in print, do I need to get in the reader's face?

Since ladies and gentlemen became extinct, refinement is a degree of coarseness

Courtesy is always good. The oil that allows the wheels of discourse to turn smoothly and profitably.

I find non-duality very interesting, though I can't claim to be "liberated." However it does seem to happen to some people, there's no denying that. Perhaps the teachings are worthless, in most cases, because it's obviously a waste of time seeking to obtain something you already have but don't realise it. Teachings don't seem to help that much, perhaps they even hinder it.

There is a good deal of arrogance in the views of those who think that what they see as "reality" must be the only stuff worth considering. For example, Most people don't perceive the subtle energies of the human organism: it requires what Schumacher called "adequatio" to perceive them, and that can usually only be developed by dedicated practice, possibly by studying and practicing Qi-gong for a few years. Do that sincerely and you will see and understand more than you do now.

The universe is perhaps a much more mysterious and complicated affair than your average "realist", with the very narrow outlook portrayed in your post, can imagine. His misuse of words, too, seems to point to an unwillingness to learn, while at the same time claiming to know the truth.

Hey cc,

What you so butt hurt about? I'm the one who wrote that nice lil diatribe. But kiddo, just remember, that there isn't any "ME or YOU or HE or SHE..just nondual pure awareness doing its thing....
Its all just a dream, remember.....;)
Love, your brother in the dream jason

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